Car Parked on Akçaray Tramway

Car Parked on Akçaray Tramway
Car Parked on Akçaray Tramway

Metropolitan traffic police and traffic police teams intervene jointly to vehicles that drive and park on the tram line, although it is prohibited.

Akçaray tram line provides a fast and safe transportation service to thousands of citizens every day in Izmit district. Although it is forbidden for vehicles to use and park the tram line between 05.00 in the morning and 01.00 at night, some vehicles do not obey this rule and use and park the tram line, causing the tramway to be disrupted. Due to this negativity, vehicles that do not comply with the parking ban on the tram line are fined by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Police and Police Department Traffic teams.


Metropolitan Municipality Police teams carry out regular inspections on the tram route every day to detect vehicles that do not comply with the parking ban. There are also signs on the tram line stating that vehicles cannot use the tram line within specified hours. Administrative fines and attractive parking fees are also applied to vehicles that park on the tram line.


The Traffic Police and Traffic Police teams jointly carry out the regular inspections. Police teams intervene in the vehicles parked within the scope of the inspections, while the police teams take legal action against the vehicles traveling using the tram line.

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