The Incredible Change of the Big Istanbul Bus Station in 1 Year

The Incredible Change of the Big Istanbul Bus Station in 1 Year
The Incredible Change of the Big Istanbul Bus Station in 1 Year

IMM completely renewed the Grand Istanbul Bus Station, which it took over on September 9, 2019. The bus station, which has become the nightmare of the users, has changed its shell as a result of the 1-year work of the new IMM administration.

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu examined the change in the bus terminal, where live music performances were held and painting exhibitions were opened, in areas where fear prevailed. Elif Can, who previously worked in an enterprise in the abandoned basement floors of the bus station, came to the agenda with an interview he gave on social media at that time, and now works as a mechanic at Metro A.Ş. Can, the change in the old workplace, “Bus station is the heart of Istanbul; The heart of Istanbul has become beautiful. In my opinion, every place where women can roam freely has now existed ”.

The new administration of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) under the administration of Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu took over the Great Istanbul Bus Station in Bayrampaşa on September 9, 2019. Taking over all the operating rights of the bus station, IMM also opened a tender to lease commercial enterprises. The tender, which was held and broadcast live on December 25, 2109, was awarded to Boğaziçi Yönetim A.Ş., a subsidiary of İBB, for an annual fee of 27 million TL and for a period of three years. won. The bus station, which has become the fearful dream of Istanbul residents and those who come to the city in its old form, has gained a different face with the new IMM administration. The bus terminal, whose car parks are operated by İSPARK, was first subjected to a major cleaning process. The abandoned and dangerous buildings in the basements were destroyed. The bus terminal was made safe by making new regulations in the destroyed areas. Live music performances and painting exhibitions started to be held in areas where fear prevailed before. The bus station, which hosted the exhibition titled “12 Thousand Years of Anatolia”, gave women the opportunity to sell their products with the “Handicraft Eye Nuru Bazaar”. One of the most popular spots of the bus station was the "IMM Youth Office".


İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu made observations at the Great Istanbul Bus Station, which they took over today exactly 1 year ago. İmamoğlu received information about the works from Fahrettin Beşli, IMM Grand Istanbul Bus Station Operations Manager. İmamoğlu was previously employed by an enterprise in the abandoned basement floors of the bus station and at that time a Youtube Elif Can, who came to the agenda with an interview she gave to her channel and now works as a machinist in Metro A.Ş. Imamoglu expressed his feelings, “I worked for 12 years, suffered pain; The joy of others is continuing right now, ”said Can, saying,“ The topics you expressed in the interview were effective but how beautiful. So you have a contribution too. You are the witness of the past and the present; That's why I wanted you to be with us today. It is so obvious that you have lived, you told your experiences very impressive in that program. You have expressed very well what you feel. In fact, your narrative, other people's observations, that documentary, was a very important thing that awakened and triggered us. Thank you to those who contributed, ”he replied.


Describing the change at the bus station as "perfect", Can explained the change in the old workplace with the following words:

“Security, cleanliness, everything is really in the extreme. Bus Station is the heart of Istanbul; The heart of Istanbul has become beautiful. In my opinion, every place where women can move freely has now been. I think the bus station has been very nice right now. The biggest change for me, as a woman, I say this; security. No stupid people walking around. And most importantly, the smell. The bus station smelled very bad. You can never smell any smell right now. Every place was renewed, everywhere was cleaned. " Can, the process of becoming a machinist at IMM said, “My mother sees from the screens in the subway that IMM will hire a machinist. He calls me. I also apply from 'ibbkariyer'. My process starts on December 27, it ends in June with the trainings. Now I'm on my own expedition "he expressed.


Faced with the intense interest of citizens and tradesmen, İmamoğlu continued his study tour, which he started in the basement floors, on the ground and on the terrace of the bus station. During the examination on the terrace floor, İmamoğlu was given a Göbeklitepe-themed painting by artist Serra Erdoğan. Visiting the IMM Youth Office, İmamoğlu instructed that young people working in buses and bus terminal should be taken into consideration as well as those who travel in the activities. Visiting the offices of some companies, İmamoğlu wished success to the tradesmen who thanked them. İmamoğlu visited the “Handicraft Eye Nuru Bazaar” and promised more support to productive women. The car parks in the bus terminal have also been operated by ISPARK, an affiliate of IMM, since August 2019.

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