The Period of Bicycle Tram and Bus with Bicycle Apparatus Starts in Konya

The Period of Bicycle Tram and Bus with Bicycle Apparatus Starts in Konya
The Period of Bicycle Tram and Bus with Bicycle Apparatus Starts in Konya

The era of bicycle trams and buses with bicycle apparatus started in Konya. Konya Metropolitan Municipality transformed one of the veteran trams that served the citizens of Konya from 1992 to 2015 in urban transportation into a bicycle tram. The first and only bike in the world in Turkey tram no example in this way. In some countries, the trams that passengers travel can be taken by bicycle, while the bicycle tram, which is offered exclusively to bicycle users, makes Konya different from others in this respect.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay stated that the importance of bicycle use was understood especially during the pandemic process and said “We have implemented very important projects so far in order to make Konya a bicycle city. Konya, 550 kilometers by bike is the province with Turkey's longest bike path. As of today, we are working to implement new projects. Hopefully, we will build an additional 2023 kilometers of bicycle paths by 84. Konya is important cycling city in Turkey. From now on, studies and projects will be implemented to emphasize this more. We are carrying out a serious work especially on bicycle parking lots. In order for people to leave their bicycles safely in the car parks, we reserve a place for bicycles in our existing parking lots and we are starting to build private bicycle parking lots. said.

Giving information about the bicycle tram, Mayor Altay said: “Today, a very important project is coming to life. In Turkey, the first time in a tram, you'll be able to travel with your bike on public transport. We turned one of our tram into a bicycle tram. From now on, you will come to the stop with your bike, get on this tram, and you will go wherever you want. You will be able to do your work with your bike and then come back to the stop you want by tram. We are very pleased to implement more example of an application in Turkey. This will be both a new beginning for our bicycle users and an important awareness study in the city. Because this tram will continue its journey as a bicycle tram in the city as a ring. I wish good luck to our city. We hope you will use all of our city's bike active in Turkey. For this, as Konya Metropolitan Municipality, we will continue to be a pioneer and leader. All our Konya together with our fellow citizens we will become Turkey's most important in cycling. "


Konya Metropolitan Municipality has made some revisions to transform the tram into a bicycle tram. In this context, the double seats of the nostalgic tram were removed and bicycle fixing devices were installed in their places. The apparatuses, which can carry 21 bicycles safely on the tram at the same time, are designed to be used without human touch. Foldable hydraulic ramps that work synchronized with the doors were installed on the steps of the tram. Thus, citizens can easily get on and off the tram at the stations with their bicycles. The tram, which will serve on the Alaaddin-Selçuk University tram line, will pick up passengers and unload passengers at stops integrated with bicycle paths.


Public transportation is a role model in Turkey Konya Metropolitan Municipality, made its debut at the cyclists period for buses used in urban transport. Bicycle carrying apparatuses were placed at the rear of the buses in order to increase the use of bicycles. The study, which was first implemented in 50 buses, will soon be serving in all buses.

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