Mayor Soyer: 'We Will Achieve 5-Year Target in Public Transportation in 2,5 Years'

Mayor Soyer: 'We Will Achieve 5-Year Target in Public Transportation in 2,5 Years'
Mayor Soyer: 'We Will Achieve 5-Year Target in Public Transportation in 2,5 Years'

Transportation left its mark on the meeting held in the historical Çandarlı Castle of the September ordinary council of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. President Soyer they scored yet another first in Turkey to provide services to disabled and only announced four custom-made bus would bring to Izmir.

Reminding the promise of bringing 500 new buses to Izmir during the election, Mayor Soyer said that together with the last 60 buses ordered and 4 buses prepared for disabled citizens, a total of 2,5 new buses will be at the service of Izmir residents in 451 years.

The second meeting of the September Ordinary Assembly Meeting of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly was held at the historical Çandarlı Castle in Dikili. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer opened the assembly meeting with the words “We are in one of the most beautiful and magical places in İzmir”. The council meeting in the historical castle started with the Kemeraltı and Kocaarap zeybek show special to the Dikili region. Mayor of Dikili Adi Kırgöz accompanied the show. Saying that he is proud and honored that the assembly meeting was held in Çandarlı Castle, Kırgöz presented a plaque to Mayor Soyer in memory of the meeting.

60 new bus orders

President Tunç Soyer as the pioneer city Izmir began his speech by saying that the honor to lead lives more in a matter of Turkey. Soyer said, “We are implementing many investments in order to raise the standards in all areas of public transportation and to provide more qualified service to our citizens. We bought a total of 67 buses, 16 for ESHOT and 83 for İZULAŞ. Recently, we have purchased another 304 buses with extremely favorable conditions. Here, we also used our right to '20 percent job increase' arising from the contract and added 60 more buses to our order with the same advantageous conditions ”.

"Our disabled citizens will socialize"

As a metropolitan municipality for the first time only to provide services to disabled four custom-made bus in Turkey Soyer said that they would give to Izmir, "Public transportation facilities and a hand or foot while working with the objective of increasing the comfort, cyclists and we strive to extend the possibilities of disabled access. These four new custom-made buses will be delivered to our city along with our other 364 buses. Thus, the number of our newly bought 447 will reach 451. Thanks to these buses, each of which has a passenger capacity of 7 wheelchairs, the opportunity of our disabled citizens to benefit from public transportation will increase. We will plan the service routes and working hours of these together with our disabled associations. Our drivers who will use these vehicles will be fixed and one-to-one communication will be established with our disabled citizens. Our disabled citizens will not stay on the roads, will not wait, they will easily access urban areas and I am sure they will socialize much more ”.

500 new bus target reached

Reminding that he promised to bring 500 new buses to Izmir in his first term, President Soyer said, “In a short period of 2,5 years, even though we are going through a period when economic conditions are worsening due to the pandemic, we will have bought almost all the buses we promised. "The main reason we accelerate this is to provide a much more comfortable service in public transportation and to minimize the risk of contamination."

Speaking after the water issue in Dikili was voiced at the assembly meeting, Soyer said, “Our drinking water investments are being completed. "We will not make Dikili have water problems next summer.

It was made in Bergama

The second session of the ordinary council of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in August was held in Bergama Asklepion. The proposal of the Mayor of Dikili, Adil Kırgöz, to hold the second session of the regular assembly in September at the historical Çandarlı Castle in Dikili was submitted to the Assembly and accepted. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality held the second session of the August ordinary council meeting in Smyrna Agora in 2019.



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