Baksı Museum Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Baksı Museum celebrates its 20th anniversary
Baksı Museum celebrates its 20th anniversary

With the aim of including contemporary art and traditional handicrafts side by side under the same roof, Prof. Dr. The Baksı Museum, which Hüsamettin Koçan started its establishment in 2000, celebrates its twentieth anniversary.

Baksı Museum entrusted the communication of the projects that it will realize for its 20th anniversary to Grup 7 İletişim. The museum is planned to implement a series of special projects that will enrich and color the world of culture and arts for the Anatolian Awards, the first of which is organized this year, among the special exhibitions for its 20th anniversary. In addition to the establishment process and opening of the Grup 7 Communication museum, Prof. Dr. She worked with Hüsamettin Koçan and was awarded the Golden Compass Public Relations Award in 2011 for her communication studies.

Baksı Museum will receive services from Grup 7 İletişim within the scope of strategic communication consultancy in the fields of corporate, project and leader communication, project design and management, stakeholder relations management and media relations management. Interpress will also support Baksı Museum and Baksı Culture and Arts Foundation in the field of media monitoring and reporting.

Among the brands that Grup 7 İletişim provides communication consultancy services, besides Baksı Museum, Colin's, DASK (Natural Disaster Insurance Institution), Eroğlu Holding, FİBA Group, Halkbank, Halk GYO, HOM Design Center, Istanbul Research Institute, Kastamonu Entegre, Makine Exporters' Association, Pera Museum, Palace Casting Service, Skyland Istanbul, Turkey Green Crescent Insurance Association and taking place.

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