Visit from BAKKA to Ankara Logistics Base

Visit from BAKKA to Ankara Logistics Base
Visit from BAKKA to Ankara Logistics Base

Research studies by the Western Black Sea Development Agency on the investment and development moves of the region continue. In this context, different potential investment issues in the region are studied in detail.

More than 81 face-to-face and online meetings have been conducted by BAKKA in July for the necessity of establishing a logistics center in the region in line with the Filyos Valley Project, which is expected to shape the economic development of the TR40 Western Black Sea region consisting of Zonguldak, Bartın and Karabük provinces in the near future. and a technical trip was organized.

In this direction, a technical visit was made by BAKKA to Ankara Logistics Base on September 14, 2020, in order to examine good practice examples and share experience within the scope of the Logistics Center Research and Pre-Feasibility Report study. During the visit, which was also accompanied by the Zonguldak TSO, information about the management structure, operation and capacity of the Ankara Logistics Base was obtained from the authorities, and opinions and suggestions for the logistics center planned to be established in our region were noted. Evaluations were made for the future projection of the sector.



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