Automotive Exports reached 1,5 Billion Dollars in August

Automotive Exports reached 1,5 Billion Dollars in August
Automotive Exports reached 1,5 Billion Dollars in August

Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters' Association (PA), according to Turkey fell by 19 percent due to the interruption of production for the effect of the Covidien-11 outbreak of exports in August of the automotive industry and the automotive plant maintenance activities was 1 billion 545 million dollars.

Baran Çelik, Chairman of the Board of OİB: “The only increase in main product groups was experienced in the Supply Industry in August. In the Supply Industry, our largest markets have grown by 9 percent to Germany, 10 percent to France and 26 percent to Italy. Despite the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak, EU countries continued to be our largest market with a 72 percent share. "

suffered double-digit declines in production due to give Turkey exports in August for the automotive industry as well as the impact of the epidemic and Covidien-19 factory of automotive maintenance and repair activities. Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters' Union (OIB) of 11 percent, according to data from the same period last year, Turkey's exports decline in August, the automotive industry was 1 billion 545 million dollars. The share of industrial exports in second place in Turkey was 12 percent. Eight-month exports of the sector in the January-August period decreased by 27,2 percent to 14 billion 536 million dollars.

OIB Board of Directors Chairman Baran Çelik said, “The only increase on the basis of main product groups was experienced in the Supply Industry in August. Despite the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak, the EU market continued to be our largest market with a 72 percent share, ”he said.

Supply industry exports $ 729 million

In August, on the basis of product groups, Supply Industry exports increased by 1 percent to $ 729 million, Passenger Cars exports decreased by 20 percent to $ 406 million, Goods Transport Motor Vehicles exports decreased by 9 percent to $ 237 million and Bus-Minibus-Midibus exports decreased by 38 percent to 79,9, It was XNUMX million dollars.

Germany, the country with the most exports in the Supply Industry, increased by 8,9 percent in August, while France in the second place increased by 10 and Italy in the third place increased by 26 percent. From other markets, there was an 8 percent decrease in exports to the UK, an 8 percent increase to the United States, a 27 percent increase to Romania and a 23 percent increase to Spain. While there was a decrease of 4 percent for Russia and 1 percent for Belgium, Poland drew attention with an increase rate of 12 percent and Morocco with a 56 percent increase.

Exports to countries in the top five in passenger cars fell in double digits. Accordingly, there was a 37 percent decrease in France, 32 percent in Italy, 14 percent in Israel, 19 percent in Spain and 10 percent in Germany. On the other hand, exports to Slovenia increased by 11 percent, Belgium by 22 percent and Egypt by 75 percent. Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Bulgaria and Hungary were other countries that experienced an increase in exports.

Belgium took the first place in the motor vehicles exports for the transportation of goods with an increase rate of 238 percent. The UK was the second largest market with an increase of 9%, while Slovenia ranked third with an increase of 8%. 37 percent to the Netherlands, 12 percent to the United States, 3 percent to France, 57 percent to Italy, 53 percent to Germany, while 503 percent to Ukraine, 25 percent to Romania and Australia. There was an increase in exports of 38 percent, 62 percent to Chile and 57 percent to Switzerland.

In the bus-minibus-midi-bus product group exports, there was an increase of 1 percent to France, the second to Morocco, 83 percent to Morocco and the fourth to Norway with 1.007 percent. or there was a 64 percent decrease in exports.

Exports to Germany decreased by 13 percent

Exports to Germany, the largest market, declined by 13 percent to $ 253 million in August, while exports to France, the second largest market, fell by 19 percent to 148 million dollars, while to Italy fell 23 percent to 117 million dollars. Among the top 10 markets, there was only a 53 percent increase in exports to Belgium and 5 percent to Slovenia, while the decrease to Spain and Israel remained in one digit. In the other six countries, the decrease was double digit.

Exports to the EU fell 11 percent

In August, exports to the European Union countries on a country group basis decreased by 11 percent to 1 billion 116 million dollars. The share of EU countries in total exports was 72 percent. Exports to other European countries increased by 49 percent and to Far Eastern countries by 46 percent, while exports to other country groups fell in double digits.

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