AKSUNGUR UAV breaks a record by staying in the air for 49 hours

AKSUNGUR UAV breaks a record by staying in the air for 49 hours
AKSUNGUR UAV breaks a record by staying in the air for 49 hours

TAI announced the new record on its official Twitter account. Having completed its 49th test flight by staying in the air for 59 hours, AKSUNGUR drew our crescent and starry flag to the sky at an altitude of 20.000 feet.

AKSUNGUR UAV successfully performed the test flight, which lasted 20 hours and 2020 minutes, using the automatic landing and take-off feature on the first flight on 4 March 20.

Bayraktar TB2 SIH, as were higher temperatures and sand storms as broke difficult geographical and climatic conditions in the full 16 hours 2019 minutes of continuous flying records and Turkey's longest airborne UAVs in participating in the demo flights in Kuwait on July 27, 3. AKSUNGUR carried the record to a very high level with its 49-hour flight.


AKSUNGUR MALE class UAV system: capable of performing intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and attack missions day and night in all weather conditions; EO / IR is a Medium Altitude Long Airborne Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system that carries SAR, can carry out Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), can carry payloads and various air-to-ground ammunition systems. It has two double turbocharged diesel PD-40.000 engines that can reach 40 feet and allow the toughest operations to be completed with up to 170 hours of airborne capability.

AKSUNGUR, which has a similar avionic architecture and uses the same ground systems as the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) inventory, and uses the same ground systems, including the electronic war conditions of the İHA ANKA System with a high payload capacity of 750 kg. It is built on the flight experience in the most challenging combat conditions.

Source: defenceturk

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