Zero Emission Mobility for All

Zero Emission Mobility for All
Zero Emission Mobility for All

📩 22/09/2020 10:01

Events were organized in 42 districts by the Metropolitan Municipality due to the European Mobility Week, which is celebrated in 3 countries and more than 12 thousand cities this year. The events organized as part of the 16-22 September European Mobility Week were held with the participation of our citizens of all ages.


Turkey Union of Municipalities of the theme of the 2020 European Mobility Week activities undertaken by the national coordinator of "Zero Emission Mobility for Everyone" has been set. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, with the event organized by the Health and Social Services Department, encourages cities and municipalities to take and support sustainable transportation measures. The aim of the project is to reduce the use of automobiles, increase the use of bicycles and lead an active life.


The planned activities were not limited to only one week, but longer programs were prepared. In order to support healthy life, Cemil Meriç Barrier-Free Life Center students also spent pleasant moments at the event they attended with Barrier Free Pedals. In addition, open air exercises and cycling were carried out both in the morning and in the evening in 12 districts for both women and children from the Mother City Health Life Program participants.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has been working to achieve a lively life and healthy airspace for years. In order to facilitate urban access within the borders of our city and to encourage the use of an environmental and sustainable transportation vehicle, the bicycle rental KOBİS system, which serves with 12 stations in 73 districts, was implemented.


In addition to these, under the name of Kocaeli, we are walking to nature, there are thousands of km long tracks with different difficulty levels. Kocaeli, Turkey's historical and cultural values ​​of the routes that have passed, Turkey's longest nature trails in the way of tourism that can be made both bikes feature a walk. In youth camps, Information Houses and Academy High Schools operating under Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, students both ride bicycles and do sports exercises on certain days of the week for a dynamic life.

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