Adapazarı Train Expeditions Why Not?

Adapazarı Train Expeditions Why Not?
Adapazarı Train Expeditions Why Not?

The Sakarya Civil Society Platform, formed by the representatives of various non-governmental organizations in Sakarya and their former managers, brought the Adapazarı train, also known as the Adapazarı express, to the agenda.

Adapazarı train, which started to come to Adapazarı Station again just before the local elections last year as a result of long efforts and campaigns, was stopped due to the new type of coronavirus epidemic.

While the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) services started in the past months, the regional trains, including the Adapazarı train, are not yet operated.

In SASTOP, he emphasized that the Adapazarı train is a need for Sakarya and explained that the necessary measures should be taken and the train should be started. The statement of SASTOP, which called Sakarya Deputies and administrators, is as follows:

Call to our Dear Members of Parliament.

OUR ISLAND TRAIN is for the People. Listen to those who know the history of this city. TAKE OUR NOSTALGIC TRAIN, one of the first stations in 120 years

In all cities of the world, the stations in the city center do not harm the traffic in those cities, but they are not suitable for some reason in our city. Trains from Kocaeli (Izmit) to Istanbul pass through the city and Arifiye, Sapanca, Kartepe, Izmit, Derince, Gebze, Pendik, Kartal. It does not harm Maltepe, Göztepe, Erenköy, Söğütlüçeşme. How is this harming the city? The train passes 100 km through the city. Is the 20-kilometer Adapazarı -Arifiye Line wrong? Adapazarı Train will stop traffic for 3 minutes in 1,5 hours, and vehicles cut the road 90 times. Nobody is disturbed by this.

The wishes of our people determine Sakarya's needs. Thinking only of their own interests and being away from selfish ideas with this intention is that the people of our well-intentioned Executives to protect our new modern vision of this beautiful city. As a non-governmental platform, listen to the requests and suggestions of our people, especially the owners of the city, and do not let someone mislead you.

In the past days, we learned from the statement in the newspaper how our deputy was misled about the island train. As a public, we bought tickets from the train on the Internet and from the box office. The 1st and 2nd wagons were numbered. Other wagons received as many passengers with unnumbered tickets.

Currently in our country between 3 Ankara and Istanbul. 2 Ankara Konya High speed turbine works at a distance of 50% round trip. Trains run between Ankara, Sincan and Kayas.

Gebze in Istanbul Halkalı Suburbs of work.

Our recommendation for our Adapazarı Train (Running trains also take controlled passengers due to Pandemic. We learned that intercity trains are not operated since this control is difficult at intermediate stations) In this case, taking passengers from Adapazarı, Arifiye, Izmit, Gebze, Pendik etc. control points by taking 50% passengers. is possible. It is not possible to accept an opinion that it is impossible. We think that our dear deputies and managers can easily solve this problem with TCCD and ULAŞTIRMA A.Ş.

Dear Deputies, the number of seats in the wagons is between 74 and 78. It is around 5/370 in 390 wagons. some seats are reserved for staff. A maximum of 190 tickets are sold to passengers. The wagons are numbered again or all of them are left empty and a seat warning will be written as everywhere and a healthy journey is made. 1 departures, 950 arrivals means 950 passengers. Tem will be relieved.

What is behind the not running of much more comfortable and safe trains (high-speed trains and suburbs) while minibuses .midibuses and buses carry passengers with intertwined distance. Listen to the public's wishes It is our invitation to all deputies.

The work carried out by our Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldirim and our Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yücen for the future of our city should not be met with obstacles. The elections are over and all of our Deputies, Mayors, you are the Mayors of Sakarya, we will vote for you. Please listen to the people, there is another way apart from the island train. Room Adaray. Marmaray Gebze-Halkalı Başkentray works between Sincan-Kayaş and carries passengers even standing. (Of course in this environment it should be carried passengers numbered) Regional Express does not run all over Turkey. Then what should we do to run Adapazarı Expresses and provide cheap transportation to the public? Here is our suggestion to TCDD. Start the Adaray Suburban train between Adapazarı and Gebze immediately. Adaray between Adapazarı and Gebze will be at least 7 TL. (Of course, the price assessment belongs to the railways) Gebze Halkalı The passenger fee is currently 7 TL. It is our greatest wish that this commuter train will start immediately. As for the benefits, the 1st Adapazarı passenger will cross the opposite side of Istanbul for a minimum of TL 14 (price discretion belongs to Taşımacılık A.Ş.). 2. Adapazarı level crossing problem will be eliminated automatically. 3. When the speed of the trains is reduced to 2 km at a distance of 25 km from Mithatpaşa Adapazarı, there will be no need for constructions such as underpass and overpass that will operate in tram status in this region. In order for all these to happen, the rulers of Sakarya must be convinced, if any, the power of the self-interested parties is broken. TCDD officials also need to be persuaded. TCDD has sufficient quantity of suburban sets produced in Sakarya. If TCDD is convinced, these trains can start their voyages even tomorrow. Sakarya is our dear, Sakarya is our added value. Sakarya that good governance will also be appreciated Turkey's shining star. Sakarya will be the Suburb of Istanbul if this proposed simple project is implemented. The transportation problem will disappear automatically. There will be an influx of visitors on the Istanbul Adapazarı line as before. (Of course, these visits will be very intense when the pandemic is over.)

Did Adapazarı people get their train last year for local elections?

Before 2012, trains running between Haydarpaşa-Adapazarı Station now run between Pendik-Adapazarı station, and lastly there were 5 trips. The number of trains that used to make 2012 (12 in total) trips a day until 24 is now determined as 5 (departure, arrival, 10) trips. Train is cheap and economical. Carries 5 people at a time with 360 wagons. This means serving 2.000 round trips and 4.000 people a day.

On behalf of the Sakarya Civil Society platform, the chairman of the session Att. Ü.Önder Döker SASTOP Station Commission. Co-Chairs, Geyve Strait and Nature Conservation. The President. Kamuran Tan, Att. Der Sak Head of Department and Late. Return.Bro ​​Bask. Hunting. Ü.Önder Döker, G.Dön.Erb. Foundation Secretary Armağan Bahadır ,, Tüvasaş GD Yön. Emek. Fikret Kökalp, Sivas.Der. Chairman, Aytaçaç Güner. Educate. Muh. Kid. Protection Der. Basque. Gülsen Öziş., Fah.Traf.Muff.Dr.GD Chairman and Expert Consensus.Dr. Head .. Oktay Ertem. Table Tennis Htisas Sports Club. Basque. Huseyin Balta. Late Return. Sakarya Tourism Association Chairman Ihsan Mahmutoğul of Turkey Muhsin Fed. Chairman- Sakarya Muh. Der. Basque. Erdal Erdem, G. Dön. Zir. Head of the Chamber. Hamdi Şenoğlu. Snap. Bis. Nature. Sport. Der. Basque. Sefik Akar, Sak. Motor Club. Basque. Adem Koç. & Adapazarı District Council member Haluk Akbay .SAÜ. Lecturer. Think fine. Der. Member of. Bingül Ascended.

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