Who is İlyas Salman?

Who is İlyas Salman?
Who is İlyas Salman?

İlyas Salman was born on January 14, 1949 in Arguvan, Malatya. Turkish cinema, theater, TV series actor and director. He was born on January 14, 1949 in the Arguvan district of Malatya province. He is originally from Arguvan, Malatya. It is registered to the population of Asar district of Arguvan district. He was accepted as a Kurd because of the Kurdish characters he played for many years, and there were some who wrote this openly. However, in 2007, he stated in his own article and book that he was a Turkmen Alevi.

He graduated from Malatya Turan Emeksiz High School. While studying at the Conservatory, he left the school in the last year. He started acting at the Istanbul Municipality City Theater. For many years, he was known for his peasant character in cinema. In addition to his acting in cinema, there are two movies he directed. In addition, there are various types of poems and folk songs. He appeared on the stage at Ankara Birlik Theater from 1997 to 2000. Finally, a poetry book named Hasretim Sansurludür and a book named Red and White consisting of articles in Türksolu magazine was published.

He is left-winged. Turkey joined the Communist Party in the May 1 rally his eagle. He is currently writing in Türksolu magazine.

He is married to Gülser Salman and has a daughter named Devrim and a son named July Ali.

As of October 1, 2009, he wanted to start staging a show called "Karanfil Smells Cıgaram", in which he would read poems from Ahmed Arif's book "Longing for Shackles I Worn Out", at Bakırköy Art Center. The visual director of the show was his son, July Salman. Her daughter, Devrim Salman, would act as a soloist in the show. However, due to some temporary health problems of İlyas Salman, this work could not be presented in the mentioned art center and was postponed for a while.

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