TÜVTÜRK Appointment! Things to Do Before Examination! TÜVTÜRK Call Center

TÜVTÜRK Appointment! Things to Do Before Examination! TÜVTÜRK Call Center
TÜVTÜRK Appointment! Things to Do Before Examination! TÜVTÜRK Call Center

Do you want to have your vehicle inspected? For TÜVTÜRK making an appointment, vehicle owners must first make an appointment. Vehicle appointments are made at TÜVTÜRK fixed stations or mobile TÜVTÜRK mobile stations. The appointment process is completely free of charge, and never be fooled by fraudsters who introduce themselves as TÜVTÜRK officials and demand a fee from you!


1. It is very important to have an appointment

Online Appointment You can get faster and easier service.

2.Check Your Vehicle's Debt Status

Your vehicle traffic penalty ve OGS illegal pass penalty Be sure to check if they have such debts. Remember, the inspection procedures of the vehicles with debts are not initiated.

3. Is Your Exhaust Gas Emission Measurement Valid?

A valid "Exhaust Emission MeasurementIf you don't, your vehicle will be evaluated as "Seriously Defective" in the inspection. Appointment
You can get this service at all our fixed stations without buying. For mobile stations Click.

4.Watch Exhaust Emission Film or Click on Image

Exhaust Emission Measurement Film by watching or Clicking on the image Find out what to do when it's time to measure exhaust emissions.

5. Have Necessary Documents With You

In order to start the inspection process of your vehicle your documents Keep it with you completely.

6. Required Equipment List

Make sure to check the equipment that should be in your vehicle. Required equipment list here .

7.Pre-Inspection Final Control Document

You will with final checks You can prevent problems that may occur during the examination in advance.

8.Simple Controls Watch the Movie or Click on the Image

Simple Controls Movie by watching or Clicking on the image You can learn the controls you need to do before the examination.


Film What To Do When You Come For Examination by watching or Clicking on the image You can learn what to do when you come to the station for examination

1. Make a note of your mileage

When you bring your vehicle to the station, check your mileage information and write it down to pass it to the customer reception officer.

2.Wait for the Reception Officers to call you

While waiting for your turn your documents and don't forget to prepare the inspection fee. Payments are accepted in cash. After the customer acceptance process, you can wait for our technicians to call you to the channels.

3. Items Controlled in Inspection

Checked in your vehicle's inspection elementscarefully done to increase the safety of you and your surroundings. To the points checked during the vehicle inspection here .

4.Watch the movie What to Look for During the Examination

Film What Is Looked At In The Examination Click to watch.

5. What Should You Pay Attention To When Receiving Your Vehicle?

Listen carefully to the examination result report and by checking all your other documents together with your report
don't forget to check it out


When your inspection is completed, you can receive your vehicle and report from our inspection technician. There may be 4 separate results in your vehicle inspection report:

Film After Examination by watching or Clicking on the image You can learn what to do after the examination.

1. Perfect

Your vehicle "Perfect" If found, your examination report is approved and your next examination date is determined.

2.Slightly Defective

Your vehicle "Slightly Flawed" If found, your examination report is approved and your next examination date is determined.

3. Unsafe or Seriously Defective

As a result of the inspection, your vehicle "Unsafe or Seriously Flawed" If found, deficiencies are detected and the report is not considered complete unless these problems are corrected. By correcting the deficiencies, you can use your right to repeat the examination free of charge for 1 time at the same station where the examination was performed or at all other fixed inspection stations in the same province.

Required Documents List

For All Vehicles

(Traffic Registration Certificate)

Your vehicle's license must be with you during the inspection.

In sales and transfers, since the Registration Certificate is received by the notary public, until the new one is issued, the notary
"Annex-44 Provisional Document Regarding Vehicle Registration" (not expired) inspection
should be with you during.

Traffic insurance

Check the date of your traffic insurance before the inspection.
In the "Traffic Insurance" registration records, those that are mentioned as motor bicycles and not used in human transportation
It is a mandatory document for all vehicles except trailers.

To take out traffic insurance Click here.

Power of Attorney Status

If the vehicle you bring for inspection does not belong to you, follow the principles in this matter. For details, please Click here.

Bring your ID card, driver's license or passport with you showing your TR ID number.

LPG / CNG Vehicles

While coming for the inspection, the information on the label on the LPG / CNG Tank is read.
it should come in the way.

"Fuel System Assembly Certificate" in inspections after LPG / CNG modification
must come with.

A vehicle with LPG / CNG “Fuel / gas tank; life exceeded the period specified in the relevant legislation "or" Liquid Gas System Unapproved "
If it is faulty, the inspection must be repeated with the Fuel System Installation Certificate.

In case of any other serious defect related to LPG / CNG system other than the above defects in the first inspection
It is sufficient to physically eliminate the defect in the examination repeat. There is no need for any paperwork or documents.


Vehicles that are renovated and will be inspected after the renovation In addition to the documents above:

  • Approved renovation project and calculations drawn by the authorized engineer
  • After the inspection is approved after the renovation, it is necessary to go to the "Traffic Registration Offices" with all the necessary documents, to notify the change made on the vehicle and to register it in the registration records.
  • It is mandatory to make an appointment for the Post-Renovation Inspection service at our stations, which only serve by appointment.

The originals of all the above documents must be brought.

How to Get a Vehicle Inspection Appointment?

To make a vehicle inspection appointment You must have your vehicle's license with you. If the vehicle does not have a license, it will be sufficient in the temporary document. Because some information on the document will be required to make a vehicle inspection appointment.

To schedule a vehicle inspection CLICK HERE,  Go to TÜVTÜRK official website.

After you have entered the necessary information on the screen, press the GO button and move on to the next step.

On the next page, it will be seen whether there is any debt belonging to the vehicle. If you have debt, you have to pay this debt before the examination.

On this screen, select the type of your vehicle (Automobile, Minibus, Light Truck, Truck, Bus, Tow, Tanker, Semi-Trailer, Trailer, Motorcycle, Tractor).

On the screen that appears later, if your vehicle is going to the inspection for the first time, click on "Service Type General Inspection". If TÜVTÜRK is in the process of repeating the inspection, select "Inspection Repeat".

At this stage, select the appointment date from the calendar opposite to determine the date of examination.

Then, you should choose TÜVTÜRK inspection stations. In the first stage, stations are listed according to the selected ones. If Istanbul province is selected, Istanbul vehicle inspection stations are listed. From here you can choose which inspection station you want to go to.

In the next step, you should choose your vehicle's inspection time.


In this section, enter the Name - Surname and Telephone - E-mail information of the relevant person for your vehicle inspection appointment and finish the appointment process.

TÜVTÜRK Call Center

TÜVTÜRK Call Center, It serves between 6 and 08.00, 20.00 days a week, except Sunday.

  • 0850 222 88 88
  • 08.00 - 20.00

* Call charges will be determined by the tariff of the operator you use.

Information, objections and complaints Contact Form by filling, info@tuvturk.com.tr or by sending an e-mail to 0850 222 88 88.

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