Toyota and Yandex Project to Prevent Accidents Continues

Toyota and Yandex Project to Prevent Accidents Continues
Toyota and Yandex Project to Prevent Accidents Continues

Toyota, as well as all over the world and in Turkey that start with Yandex Navigation cooperation in preventing traffic accidents and pandemic search continues from where it left the project due for preventing the accident.

Within the scope of this project, in which drivers are also partners with Toyota's social responsibility approach, drivers who strictly comply with safe driving and traffic rules are encouraged not to exceed speed limits. At the end of the project, which will end at 15:2020 on October 22, 00, one lucky person will be the owner of the New Toyota Corolla Hatchback with a draw.

"Human life to" give it strongly on their vehicles to prevent traffic accidents so far that feature the latest technology, Toyota is still ongoing drive to become a bleeding wound aims to minimize induced traffic accidents in Turkey. Based on the fact that 60 percent of these accidents are caused by "talking" with a mobile phone while driving; It aims to bring the most advanced attention to this vital issue. When a dangerous situation occurs while driving, 20 percent of the driver is making an ordinary call with a mobile phone, and 29 percent cannot notice the presence of this danger in a mentally tiring conversation. This makes it clear how dangerous it is to talk on a mobile phone while driving.

In this direction, in the project organized in cooperation with Toyota and Yandex Navigation, drivers are asked not to switch to another application or keep the application in the background while driving. Thus, while the drivers are aimed to adopt a safe driving habit by focusing only on the road and traffic rules, they are expected to be careful not to exceed the speed limits while driving.

While Toyota continues its efforts to reduce traffic accidents to zero, the advanced technology system Toyota Safety Sense developed for this purpose, which reduces the severity of accidents and is standard in many models of Toyota, was first introduced in 2015, and this system almost It has advanced features that will reduce it to zero.


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