The Waiting Period in Sea Transportation in İzmir is Over

The Waiting Period in Sea Transportation in İzmir is Over
The Waiting Period in Sea Transportation in İzmir is Over

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has significantly increased the frequency of voyages in sea transportation in these days when the gradual shift to work is being discussed. Especially on busy lines, cruise ships will make a voyage every 15 minutes and car ferries every 20 minutes throughout the day. In addition, the ships have started to serve cyclists for 5 kurus as of today in order to reduce the motor vehicle traffic.

The increase in the density of private vehicles with the pandemic period in İzmir has negatively affected the urban traffic to a great extent. İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer made a proposal to start the "gradual work" practice in the public and private sector, especially in the workplaces in the city center, and presented a file prepared on this subject to the Governor of İzmir Yavuz Selim Köşger.

During the ongoing preparations on this matter, very important decisions were made in sea transportation. Especially heavily used KarşıyakaThe trips to Konak, Alsancak, Pasaport, Bostanlı and Üçkuyular piers have been increased significantly. The number of trips, which was 207 in the day, was increased to 272. Passenger ships voyage numbers are 23,8 percent; The number of car ferry trips increased by 84,6 percent. Considering all voyages, an average of 7-10 minutes will depart from each pier.

Every 15 minutes during the day

Karşıyaka- On the Konak and Bostanlı-Konak lines, flights every 15 minutes throughout the day started as of September 1. Karşıyaka- Flights on the Konak line will start at 07.00:22.45. The last time will be at 07.10. On the Bostanlı-Konak line, flights will start at 22.40 and end at XNUMX. Karşıyaka and Bostanlı to Pasaport and Alsancak will take place every 07.20 minutes between 10.05 - 16.35 and 19.35 - 15.

Car ferry every 20 minutes

On the Bostanlı-Üçkuyular line, where car ferries operate, voyages started every 20 minutes throughout the day. The number of trips on this line has been increased from 26 to 48. The first time will be at 07.10 and the last time at 23.00. There will also be five additional flights on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between 23.20-06.50. On the other hand, with the commissioning of the newly arrived Uğur Mumcu car ferry, it will be possible to make a voyage every 15 minutes during the day, depending on the demand.

Karşıyaka-Üçkuyular-Göztepe ring service

Göztepe-Karantina-Konak-Alsancak-Pasaport-Göztepe parallel line, which was determined to serve less than 50 passengers on average throughout the day, was canceled with the winter period. Instead, it connects both sides of the Gulf and kazanresisting Karşıyaka-Üçkuyular-Göztepe-Quarantine-Karşıyaka a ring service has been set. So for the first time KarşıyakaÜçkuyular and Güzelyalı were directly connected by sea voyage. This line will make 11 flights on weekdays and 10 flights on Saturdays.

Soyer: 10 minutes across

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer emphasized that the gulf is a great chance for the city. Stating that the sea should be used much more in public transportation, Soyer said, “We are experiencing serious densities in road traffic with the pandemic period. We are losing time, we are losing national wealth. We increase the risk of disease transmission. However, we have a sea. We have a great sea transportation fleet. Our İZDENİZ ships will work much more often from now on. Nobody will wait. "Our ships, which will operate between the two sides of the Gulf every 15 minutes, will cross our citizens in 10 minutes."

In addition, ships traveling in the Gulf started to serve cyclists for 5 kurus to reduce the urban motor vehicle traffic.

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