Number of Businesses with Orange Circle Certificate is Increasing in İzmir

Number of Businesses with Orange Circle Certificate is Increasing in İzmir
Number of Businesses with Orange Circle Certificate is Increasing in İzmir

Demand for the Orange Circle certificate, which highlights İzmir as a healthy and reliable destination, is rapidly increasing. Bergama, Beydağ and Bayındır also joined the Orange Circle.

Applications started to come from Bergama, Bayındır and Beydağ, where the "Orange Circle Certificate Presentation" was made by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. As a result of the evaluations made on the applications, in Bergama Selinos Hotel, Bergama Taş Konak Hotel, Hera Hotel, Altın Kepçe Restaurant and Kozak Köyüm Cafe, in Beydağ Baraj Country Restaurant, Terrace Restaurant and Beydağ Municipality Cultural Center Social Facilities Guest House, in Bayındır Gürkan Pide Salonu is entitled to receive the Orange Circle certificate. kazanwas.

317 businesses bought

The total number of applications for the Orange Circle certificate, which was initiated by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with all tourism stakeholders in Izmir to make the city a hygienic and reliable tourism destination, increased to 394. To date, 317 businesses have received Orange Circle certification, while 57 businesses have not been able to obtain a certificate because they failed to meet the criteria.

Application is free

Detailed information about all the enterprises and certification in the Orange Circle is published on Application for the Orange Circle certificate is free.

What is the Orange Circle?

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tourism Hygiene Board has determined the hygiene and safety standards for the healthy activities of the coronavirus that threatens the world during the global epidemic. The Orange Circle certificate started to be distributed in line with the criteria set by the Board. The Orange Circle certificate aims to facilitate the compliance of the businesses in İzmir with the normalization process and to contribute to the tourism sector of İzmir by promoting the companies with the Orange Circle on domestic and international platforms.

Businesses with a minimum score of 100 out of 75 in the catering facilities category and a minimum of 200 out of 150 in the accommodation facilities category are eligible to receive the Orange Circle. kazanhe's eating. Businesses that have received the Orange Circle certificate are listed on the Izmir map on the website as the preferred businesses.

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