A New Era in Chip Identity Has Begun

A New Era in Chip Identity Has Begun
A New Era in Chip Identity Has Begun

The loading of driver's license information, which is the new service of the Ministry of Interior, into identity cards officially started today. Citizens who make an appointment from the Population and Citizenship Directorates are free from having to carry a driver's license by making their transactions.

Which is connected to the Ministry of Population and Citizenship Affairs General Directorate of service as a revolution that will make life easier for citizens in Turkey was officially launched today. License holders can operate the license information to the citizens of the Republic of Turkey may apply for an identity card. In this way, citizens are freed from the obligation to carry a driving license.

Carrying Driving License Becomes History

Those who want to upload their driver's license information to their ID cards first make an appointment with the Population and Citizenship Directorates. Citizens who are in the relevant place at the specified time are made in a very short time and they are allowed to start using their ID cards as driver's license.

No Transactions Will Be Made Without Appointment

for the unification of ID cards with driver's license must first Acquiring a new identity card of the Republic of Turkey. Driver's license information is transferred to the new identity cards with chip system. The website of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs for this free transaction Appointment.nvi.gov.tr from address or Alo 199An appointment must be made with.

According to the statement made by the officials of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, there will be absolutely no transactions without an appointment. Citizens who go to the relevant directorates without making an appointment will have to return without making their transactions.

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