Contract of Elazig City Hospitals Has Ended

Contract of Elazig City Hospitals Has Ended
Contract of Elazig City Hospitals Has Ended

Elazig City Hospitals' physical therapy and rehabilitation services contract has ended.

In the statement made to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) by Lokman Hekim Engürüsağ Sağlık, Turizm, Eğitim Hizmetleri ve İnşaat Taahhüt A.Ş.

"Operator of Elazig City Hospital in our company's previous statements Rönesans Holding companies Rönesans It was informed that an agreement was signed with Operation Services Consultancy Inc. for the provision of physical therapy and rehabilitation services for five years as of 01.08.2018. TR Ministry of Health and Rönesans Elazig City Hospital contract has been amended with the public-private partnership model between Operations Services Consultancy Inc. Accordingly, rehabilitation services are excluded from the contract by the Ministry of Health and rehabilitation services will be provided by the ministry. As a result of the decision to exclude rehabilitation services from the scope of the project Rönesans There is no physical therapy and rehabilitation service provision agreement signed between Operation Services Consultancy Inc. and our company on 11.09.2020, and the related agreement has been terminated by mutual agreement of the parties. All liabilities and fixed assets of our company regarding employees in the physical therapy and rehabilitation business of Elazig City Hospital Rönesans It will be covered by the Operation Services Consultancy Inc., and our company will not be liable for any damage or liability due to the termination of the contract. "

Hibya News Agency

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