Bursa's Biggest 250 Firms Announced!

Bursa's Biggest 250 Firms Announced!
Bursa's Biggest 250 Firms Announced!

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) announced the results of the 'Bursa Top 250 Large Firms Research - 2019', which is the most important field study that sheds light on the city economy.

Evaluating the results of the research conducted for the 23rd time this year, İbrahim Burkay, Chairman of the Board of BTSO, said, “The extraordinary processes we are experiencing, our rapid implementation of structural reforms, increasing our ability to adapt to changing conditions, making our private sector companies financially competitive and more importantly, domestic and national once again demonstrated the necessity of strengthening our economy with production. " said.

Bursa business world umbrella organization of the BCCI, Turkey's economy turnover of the company in Bursa of locomotives cities, exports, employment, added value, profitability, equity and revealing net assets, also offers significant findings for the development of the city and the country's economy.


Bursa business world www.ilkxnumx.org.t is According to the results of the research that they can participate in the digital platform via the extension website, the net sales of the 250 large companies in the list increased by 11,1 percent to 164,8 billion TL, and their sales from production increased by 10,5 percent to 118,4 billion TL. The total value added achieved by Bursa companies in 2019 was recorded as 9,1 billion TL with a decrease of 25,3 percent, while the pre-tax period profits of companies decreased by 1,5 percent and reached 8,8 billion TL. While the equity capital of the companies on the list increased by 18,4 percent, the total equity of the companies increased to 40,8 billion TL. The net assets of the Bursa giants were recorded as 14,3 billion TL with an increase of 116,1 percent. Bursa is Turkey's gateway to the world, was affected negatively from the contraction in global trade. The exports of the companies on the list declined by 8,6 percent compared to the previous year to 11,5 billion dollars. The employment contribution of the first 250 firms was 0,6 with a 151 percent decline.


Based on net sales in Bursa city of Turkey's economic locomotive 'First 250 Companies Survey, the peak of the previous year as a 2019 value of $ 24,6 billion in the Oyak Renault took place. Tofaş followed Oyak Renault with TL 19,7 billion. The Bosch company is in the third place in the list with a turnover of 6,9 billion TL. These 3 companies were followed by Borçelik, Limak, Sütaş, Bursa Pharmacists Cooperative, Pro-Yem, Özdilek Shopping Mall and Beyçelik Gestamp, respectively. Among the companies in the ranking, 67 are automotive sub-industry, 50 textile, 26 food, agriculture and livestock, 22 retail trade, 16 machinery and equipment, 14 metal, 8 ready-to-wear, 6 of wood forest products and furniture, 6 plastic, 4 cement soil products and mining, 4 energy, 4 service training and consultancy, 4 construction, 4 chemical, 4 automotive main industry, 3 environment and recycling, 2 economic relations and finance, 2 logistics, 2 tourism, 1 electrical-electronics and 1 healthcare.


BCCI Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, said the first 250 Large Firms Survey is one of Turkey's most important economic research. Stating that the research that has become traditional reveals the profile of Bursa's economy, President Burkay said, “With exports to 187 countries, Bursa strengthens its position among the cities that have a say in world trade with each passing year. In this context, the political, economic and social developments experienced on a global scale are also reflected in the Bursa economy. In 2019, the lowest growth data of the last 10 years was recorded with the increasing protectionism policies on a global scale. The economic stagnation, which also affected our country, was limited by the timely measures taken by our government and the support provided to our real sector. " said.


BCCI's value-added production and exports on the one hand in this process, the President stating that the work continues to perform quality transformation in the city's economy on the one hand Burkay, "Many of our companies growth in Turkey and the world economy was affected by developments in demand and financial stability. However, our company, 'If Turkey Bursa magic spell on' faith in the production, employment and gave great sacrifice their development goals shoulder our exports to Turkey. I congratulate all of our members who contribute to Bursa and our country's economy once again on this occasion. The extraordinary processes we went through once again demonstrated the need for us to rapidly implement structural reforms, to increase our ability to adapt to changing conditions, to make our private sector companies financially competitive, and more importantly, to strengthen our economy with domestic and national production. he spoke.


Mainly machinery, textiles, automotive and construction, such as production and employment tank unemployment implementation by increasing the support offered to sectors that interest rates and inflation showed once again that it is of critical importance for Turkey, wanting to escape the spiral pointing Ibrahim Burkay, he said: "We are in Bursa Chamber of Commerce and As the Chamber of Industry, we will continue to guide all our companies and support our development goals with our projects that contribute to the sustainable and strong growth vision of our country. On this occasion, I hope that the 'First 250 Large Firms Research' we have prepared will be beneficial for our companies and our business world. "

The results of the first 250 Large Firms Research are also www.ilkxnumx.org.t is It can also be viewed on the website with an extension.



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