Sustainable Development Can Only Be Achieved By Women Labor Force

Sustainable Development Can Only Be Achieved By Women Labor Force
Sustainable Development Can Only Be Achieved By Women Labor Force

İzmir Business Women Association-İZİKAD, Aegean Young Business People Association-EGİADHe visited the center of the association. During the visit of İZİKAD Board Chairman Betül Sezgin, Secretary General Mürvet Kocaaslan, EGİAD Chairman Mustafa Aslan, Vice Chairman Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Board Member Cem Demirci, Board Member Özveri Yandaş Okay, EGİAD Secretary General Prof. Dr. Fatih Dalkilic, EGİAD Press Advisor Ebru Dön Keskin, EGİAD Melisa İtmeç, Business Development and Communication Expert, hosted Melekleri.

Women's number of members is 25 percent at the time he took office and stating that rate period they wanted to remove the 35 per cent until the end Mustafa Aslan, Turkey's economy, he said the could take place with the participation of women in the work force reaching the welfare point. Reminding that there is a great unused treasure in the economy and that it is women who cannot participate in the labor force. EGİAD Chairman Mustafa Aslan, Turkey emphasized the need for the enrichment of our women. Lion, "Half of Turkey's population of women, but women's lives away a large part of our population study. We are at the bottom of the world in female labor force participation rate. Unfortunately, half of our population is not included in economic life. The biggest obstacle to our enrichment is that our women cannot participate in the labor force sufficiently. If our women situated in Turkey's economy will reach the contemporary civilization level. Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), the labor force participation rate of women aged over 15 years in our country, according to data is indicated as 33.6 percent. However, 20 percent of the 57.6 million women out of the labor force, that is 11 million 589 thousand women, are completely out of the labor force as they are engaged in housework. "It is essential for women to participate in the workforce for sustainable development."

Covid Disrupts Women's Employment

Pointing out that the home and care burden of women has increased even more due to the Kovid-19 outbreak and the unemployment figures have become more concentrated in the ratio of women, Aslan said, “The increase in women's employment in recent years has started to go backwards. Three quarters (2016 thousand) of the women (2019 thousand) who recently joined the employment between 612-439 were unemployed. The situation seems to have worsened with the effect of the covid-2020 epidemic, which has increased since March 19. The contraction in employment has increased the number of women out of the labor force ”.

İZİKAD President Betül Sezgin, on the other hand, talked about the women entrepreneurship projects they realized. EGİAD stated that they wish to meet in joint women's projects. Project partnerships, cooperation protocols, joint meetings, joint studies on women's participation in the workforce were evaluated. Stating that İZİKAD will always support women, Sezgin said, “Despite the pandemic period, we carried out many good projects. We care that our women are in business life, our women will lead the creation of the entrepreneurship ecosystem ”.

Projects will Add Value

Stating that women taking more place in business life will lead to gender equality, Sezgin said, “The projects that have been created will contribute to the shortcomings of our country and will enable breakthroughs in new areas. With each passing year, the projects become more different and offer solutions to current problems. The projects will provide added value to the country's economy ”.

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