Students Coming to Ankara from Abroad on the Bicycle Road

Students coming to Ankara from abroad on the bicycle route
Students coming to Ankara from abroad on the bicycle route

"European Mobility Week" under the Union of Municipalities of Turkey at the invitation of foreign students coming to the capital, Besevler Anıtpark-pedaled on Bike Trail in place.

As in all the world simultaneously in Turkey in the 16-22 September, which will be celebrated "European Mobility Week" Before, Turkey Union of Municipalities of university students coming to the capital at the invitation of the context of social and cultural activities Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Anıtpark- He cycled on the Bicycle Road in the Beşevler stage.

Students from universities all over the world from Afghanistan to Burundi, from Somalia to Uzbekistan, from Spain to Yemen, from Albania to Libya and India to the capital Ankara, Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş said. They were amazed by the Bicycle Road in the Anıtpark-Beşevler stage, one of the important projects initiated by.


Libyan student Mohammed Alazraq, who studied for a master's degree in Economics in Konya, stated that Ankara is a modern city and said, “The Bicycle Road was one of the most important things to be done in Ankara. For Ankara and the whole world, I want everyone to go everywhere, even to their workplaces, on bicycles. I hope one day the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality can go to work by bicycle, ”he said.

Spanish student Cecilia CaveroSanchez said that she saw a lot of public spaces that could be used and walked in the capital she came to for the first time. “I'm studying at Madrid Carlos University. Having bicycles and roads in cities is very important both for its contribution to the environment and for the freedom of movement of people. Therefore, it is very valuable as a citizen to have such areas and their development, ”he said.

Albanian student EdliraXhafaj, who said that Tirana, the capital of Albania, does not have areas as large as Ankara, said, “There should be healthy bicycle paths especially for young people. He expressed his feelings by saying, "I appreciate your activities because of the landscaping and environmental factors."

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