Strong Reaction from Minister Koca after Attack on Healthcare Professionals in Ankara

Strong Reaction from Minister Koca after Attack on Healthcare Professionals in Ankara
Strong Reaction from Minister Koca after Attack on Healthcare Professionals in Ankara

📩 22/09/2020 11:01

Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca made a statement about the images taken in the Emergency Department of Keçiören Training and Research Hospital.

Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca; “The images taken yesterday, Monday, September 21, at the Emergency Service of Keçiören Training and Research Hospital are extremely sad and thought provoking. The event has developed as I will mention.

Two patients who were admitted to the Emergency Department of our hospital at the same time with a gunshot wound, seriously injured A.Ö. He was taken to the resuscitation unit, but unfortunately he was lost despite the intervention that lasted more than 1 hour.

Emergency Service Physician gave the sad information to the patient's father; Thereupon, relatives of the patients wanted to go inside to see their deceased patients. When the crowded group wanted to enter the animation room by forcing the conditions; Healthcare workers in charge tried to keep the door closed and prevent the relatives of the patients, fearing that a new one of the most common violent incidents will occur.

Our hospital security and security forces intervened in the incident in a short time and the judicial process was initiated. None of our healthcare workers were harmed in the incident. But the event itself is a powerful warning for all of us. The reasons are obvious.

Violent incidents are not uncommon, but are now becoming possible events. Violence against healthcare workers is against the principle of respect for human, which is the basic principle of civilization. Respect for human is the most humane of any human behavior.

We have to acknowledge that violence will inevitably reduce the quality of health care. It is our duty to rehabilitate this hurtful, disturbing reality of violence in the community-state partnership.

As the ministry, our efforts will continue with determination on every necessary ground to prevent violence against healthcare professionals. We will always prioritize supporting our colleagues. Just like the occupational ethics developed by medicine for our behavior towards patients, we have to lead together with sensitive segments of the society to create a culture for behavior towards healthcare professionals. We must keep both law and morals strong.

My request from our society is this: Let's show the love and respect that the world will take as an example to your children, who once again prove that they are the most altruistic healthcare professionals in the world during this epidemic period. Let's see respect for our healthcare professionals as a human quality.

Good day friend is always found. Our bad day friends are our health workers. " said.


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