These Roads Are Closed To Traffic On Sunday In Istanbul

Some Roads Will Be Closed To Traffic Due To Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon
Some Roads Will Be Closed To Traffic Due To Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon

Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon organized by IMM will start for the 20th time on Sunday, September 15th. While some roads in the Historic Peninsula are closed to vehicle traffic between 02.00 and 13.00, they will be opened for sports fans.

At the Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon, which will be organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) affiliate Spor Istanbul, the roads will be opened for sports fans on Sunday, September 20.The route and the roads leading to this route will be closed to traffic between 20 and 02.00 for the event to be run on September 13.00.

Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon, which was promoted to the Gold Category by World Athletics and entered the list of the best 8 Half Marathon in the world, will be held in the Historic Peninsula, one of the world's most special courses. The time limit for the half marathon, which will start with the start of the elite athletes at 08.45, will be four hours. Runners will be able to benefit from IETT, metro and metrobus (except Marmaray) free of charge by showing their chest numbers until 20:15.00 on Sunday, September XNUMX.


On the 21 km track, the runners will start from Yenikapı Activity Area and continue from Kumkapı, Sarayburnu, Sirkeci direction, Eminönü, Unkapanı, Fener, Balat, Ayvansaray and Feshane, respectively, before the Eyüp junction (from the point to the end of the Feshane building), the starting point is Yenikapı. They will reach the finish line in the Event Area.


On the 21 km race track, the following roads will be closed on the Coastal Road between 02.00 and 13.00:

  • Samatya south road coast Kennedy south road Sirkeci Sultanahmet junction Yenikapı İdo
  • Namık Kemal variant turns
  • Namık Kemal variant south connection from Yenikapı activity area

For the half marathon, between 05.00 and 13.00, the following routes will be closed to vehicle traffic:

  • Yevadut Street in both directions until 8 May junction
  • Ayvansaray Street in both directions
  • D 100 Haliç south and Golden Horn north Ayvansaray Eyüp junctions will be closed over D 100
  • Connection roads from Atatürk Boulevard to Ragıpgümüşpala Avenue and Abdulezelpaşa Street directions
  • Gulhane Park beach lower entrances
  • Cankurtaran (Ahırkapı street and Ahırkapı pier street will not be returned to the seaside residence)
  • Çattıkapı (There will be no return from Aksakal street and Küçük Ayasofya street to the coast direction)
  • Kumkapı (Işıl street, Kumluk underpass, Kumkapı underpass, coast north, Fatih Municipality carpet field exits, İskele Square, street to coast north.
  • Namık Kemal Caddesi shore Kennedy connection will be closed
  • Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha Street connection will be closed (current will be returned via variant)
  • Reşadiye Street in both directions
  • Ragıpgümüşpala Avenue, both ways
  • Abdulezelpaşa Street in both directions
  • Kadirhas Street both ways
  • Mürselpaşa Street in both directions
  • Galata Bridge will be closed from where the Thursday market is
  • Ankara Street will be closed from Hamidiye junction to Sirkeci direction
  • Samatya south (including the coast Kennedy transit road and the Eurasia emergency exit (with the Eurasia tunnel open to and from), all roads connected to Feshane will be closed to traffic)
  • Return from Edirnekapı to Ayvansaray will be closed


For the Half Marathon, on the roads that are open to sports fans and closed to vehicle traffic, transportation will be provided through the following alternative routes:

  • Ataturk boulevard
  • Atatürk Bridge
  • Golden Horn Bridge
  • Vatan Street
  • Millet Avenue
  • D 100 North South road
  • Turkeli Avenue
  • Eurasia Tunnel
  • Aksaray Street
  • Namık Kemal Street (vehicles going to and from ido)
  • General Nafız Gürman Avenue
  • Kizilelma Street
  • Tenth Year Street
  • Sahil Kennedy Caddesi Samatya Güney Yenikapı event venue returns
  • Coast North Kennedy Caddesi From Samatya exit to the junction with pool
  • Turns from Edirnekapı to Ayvansaray are closed. The u-turn will be made in front of the Seta Foundation in the direction of Fatih.

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