The Railway Crossing That Is The Bleeding Wound Of Niğde Is Coming Into History

Niğde Provincial Special Administration Front Interchange Project Construction Started
Niğde Provincial Special Administration Front Interchange Project Construction Started

With the intersection project in front of the Special Provincial Administration, which has started to work in Niğde, a total of 3 overpasses will be built.

Niğde Mayor Emrah Özdemir, who examined the multi-level intersection works, which covers the road to the New Terminal and the road to the New Terminal, in front of the Provincial Special Administration, and which will reduce the traffic density in the region and increase the traffic safety, Niğde Mayor Emrah Özdemir received information from the authorities of the company that carried out the construction.

Niğde Mayor Emrah Özdemir, who made statements after making examinations in the study area; '' We are in place of the Special Administration overpass, which is currently being built by the State Railways. Studies have started. At our contractor company, they will start driving the piles in 2 days. They tied the iron, thank you. They will finish as soon as possible. They must complete the tender within 350 days from the day they receive it. Hopefully, the bleeding wound of Niğde, and the busiest railway crossing, will be carried out quickly when we pass the top in front of the Provincial Special Administration. As promised in our project booklet before, the exact same project will be implemented here as the visuals are also included. With the completion of the State Bahçeli Boulevard, the Special Provincial Administration and the Ditaş Junction, no one will see the train anymore in Niğde. He won't have to wait for the train. We will pass from top to bottom at all State Railways. It was waiting for the train, it was level crossing, it was an accident, this was this, thank God, in Niğde, all of these will be history. Of course, I would like to thank our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, our Minister of Transport, our General Director of State Railways, our Parliamentarians and everyone who contributed to the fact that so many investments have come to Niğde. This year, Niğde has really turned into a construction site, especially in terms of state railways. I hope we will not see the train next year in any way, "" he said.

4 shops were expropriated

Mayor Özdemir said that they should expropriate 4 shops for the overpass in the old industry; “Two weeks ago we shook hands with the rights holders. As the municipality, we are realizing the rapid expropriation of 4 shops. We will move the old industry to our new industrial site. We will provide shops on the side of the motorway that will provide much more elegant, much more smooth, much more income. With the completion of the Overpass, traffic will flow from above. Shops here will be under the jeans. With the completion of the overpass, we will move our old industry to the new industrial site. We definitely do not buy a shop or a land under the market, whatever the places we will expropriate are sold in the market. But let me also say that we cannot get above the market. "We do not allow anyone to make such an expectation or make opportunism, and we will never allow it to take over the value in the market,"

Natural Gas Work in New Industrial Site Approaches to End

Stating that natural gas works in the new industrial site have come to an end for a long time, President Özdemir; “About 40-50 percent of our underpass, which will unite Ata Sanayi and Yeni Sanayi, is about to be completed. We will have combined the two industries from below. In the same way, we have implemented the underpass project in our selection booklet. Then, we will have carried all those who do not have problems with very elegant heating with natural gas from here to larger new workplaces ”.

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