Mayor Şahin Started His Weekday Shift with GAZIRAY Examination

Mayor Şahin Started His Weekday Shift with GAZIRAY Examination
Mayor Şahin Started His Weekday Shift with GAZIRAY Examination

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin examined the GAZIRAY and the asphalt work carried out in Gazimuhtar Paşa Boulevard on site, and received opinions from tradesmen and citizens.

Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin went to Gazimuhtar Paşa Boulevard to examine the infrastructure displacements carried out in line with the cut-and-cover construction of the GAZİRAY tunnels and received information about the renewal of the Türk Telekom and GAZDAŞ lines, sewerage, rain water and 3 drinking water pipes. . In addition, Mayor Şahin observed the latest situation of the road, which was made ready for vehicle use by pouring 2 meters long 300 meters wide hot asphalt in a short period of 18 days on the avenue, which was closed to vehicle traffic due to GAZIRAY.


Erca Seller, a tradesman in Gazimuhtar Pasa Boulevard, emphasized that the renewed road to be suitable for citizen satisfaction will bring a noticeable increase in the work of tradesmen and said, “A useful asphalt construction in the city center will also affect the routes of vehicle owners and increase the visitor mass of the region. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Fatma Şahin and her team ”.

Stating that he has been working as a doner-kebab master on the boulevard for years, Mustafa Dal said: “As far as we can see, there is a relief in the traffic. Of course, this mobility will definitely affect the tradesmen and residents of the neighborhood positively. The renewed road is a plus for us as it will be among the options of vehicle owners in terms of transportation. Only the central median remained. I hope it will be completed as soon as possible. "

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