New Broadcasting Period on TRT EBA Channels Starts on September 21

New Broadcasting Period on TRT EBA Channels Starts on September 21
New Broadcasting Period on TRT EBA Channels Starts on September 21
The 2020-2021 academic year starts with distance education on September 21. The meeting, in which the agenda of the new broadcasting period in distance education, which will continue with the partnership of the Ministry of National Education and TRT, was discussed, was held in Istanbul. National Education Minister Ziya Selcuk Speaking at the meeting, "We keep the question of how it will be in a better state of distance education in Turkey is always on the agenda of all countries and that we've managed to a great extent." said.

In his speech at the TRT EBA Channels New Broadcasting Period Promotion Meeting, Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk said that he felt as if he was starting the first lesson of the school today.

Expressing that he was very excited while watching the TRT EBA Documentary, schools and children shown at the meeting, Selçuk said, “Because something that is not done in the world has been done. It's not just a matter of setting up three channels. It was just a job in Turkey in diameter. To our General Manager, "We need three more channels next month." Be sure if I say, they do, but I will not say. We have done a very good job with an incredible cooperation, cooperation and solidarity. While meeting with the ministers of national education around the world, I share this with pride and pride. " used the expressions.

voicing of the reach of television is very rare in Turkey, Selcuk, efforts to reach the children they worked in the television and said that they received a supply point distance.

Selçuk stated that every child has the opportunity to watch their school lessons on TRT EBA, and that the content that will meet the needs of each student is included in TRT EBA and that students and teachers are also provided with EBA internet support.

Emphasizing that there are hundreds of thousands of content consisting of videos, animations, films, lectures and graphics on the EBA Internet, Selçuk said, “This is not just a matter of education and training. In fact, it brought the issue of how a global-scale, universal-scale epidemic affects societies and individuals in the world. " said.

Citing an quote from Albert Camus's novel Plague, Selçuk continued as follows: “There is a common destiny for all countries here. Of course, we, as the Ministry of National Education, did not want it. There is a situation and we did whatever was necessary to do in the difficult time of our nation and we continue to do so. In doing so, we keep the question of how Turkey can come to a better situation in the whole country always on the agenda and that we were able to a great extent. I say this as a very challenging world, one of three of the five countries, Turkey. We are trying to reach all our stakeholders with more and more full programs and contents every day. "

"There is a need for richer content"

The Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk stated that there is a need for more content, richer and more comprehensive studies, and that children who cannot access the internet are also supported by establishing EBA support centers.

Selçuk said, “We established an EBA Support Center for our children who cannot access the Internet, reaching 6. We established it in a very short time. Every child who wants and needs internet and computers can come to these centers and work easily. We are increasing their number to 20 thousand in a very short time. We want every child to benefit from these tools and opportunities. " He spoke in the form.

Stating that establishing a television channel that only provides educational services can be seen as a technical job, it requires a great cooperation, Selçuk noted that as the Ministry of National Education, teachers have no experience in broadcasting in front of the camera.

Selçuk stated that TRT EBA's 3 channels continue to broadcast uninterruptedly and that they act more consciously in responding to the needs of children regarding lessons.

Selçuk stated that when he examined the productions they made in the first weeks, he saw some deficiencies, but that there was a great progress in the work in the summer months.

"You can watch the lecture you want whenever you want"

Minister of National Education Selçuk stated that their channels offer content not only to students but also to teachers and parents, and that new, more enriched productions will also come about levels such as pre-school and special education.

Stating that all of these new contents are related to the demands they received and that they brought everything called “even if…” to the agenda within the bounds of possibility, Selçuk said that the teams in Istanbul and Ankara implemented this work in a highly qualified manner.

Selçuk also stated that during the breaks, artistic works and sports activities that will improve children's general culture, vocabulary and literary tastes are also carried out, and continued his speech as follows:
“We are continuing to work with a sports hour every morning at 08.45 and accompanied by our parents. I find what we do in the field of special education very, very important. Because we have a much more special responsibility to them. We work very closely with academicians, experts and teachers about what our children in need of special education demand. In the meantime, all these works we have done will continue, continue and progress by getting richer in the new publication period. "

Stating that they have also made researches on field studies, Selçuk said that they are making repetitions by taking into account all needs in very fine detail, and that students can find repetitions of all courses on TRT Watch and EBA Internet.

Selçuk said, “You can watch the lecture you want whenever you want. In addition, some lessons are taught by more than one teacher, especially for our children in the exam group. In other words, there are lessons where our teacher somehow comes out and lectures at the board, and is taught like animation work on the board just by accompanying her voice. So they can watch whatever they prefer, the way they want. They can watch from EBA, on TV, and watch their replays. " He spoke in the form.

"We believe in Turkey's accumulation"

“It is not enough for us to do all this. We need more. We are open to all kinds of suggestions because TRT has the power behind us, because the Ministry of National Education has a great deal of accumulation. When these two come together, we have the opportunity to achieve incredible things. ” Selçuk said that he had visited the studios many times and saw that TRT employees were holding on to the issue and this made him happy.

Selçuk said, “In the beginning, there were problems in establishing a communication and taking the process functionally, but we overcame the problems in a very short time. Our teachers and our friends have now become one, and our friends at TRT have started to increase their productivity in this process. We are talking about making thousands of lessons, a production in which a single lesson takes 5 days, it is not an easy task. he spoke.

Selçuk thanked those who made this successful and continued as follows: “I say this thank you so heartfelt because I am the one who saw those studios. Because I am the one who witnessed the feverish work there. That is why, so we can do more in confidence as the Ministry of National Education, we say, because we rely on the accumulation of Turkey. Because we're not just our personal savings, this accumulation of Turkey. Turkey's heritage is also been done to the world and to build the greatest schools in the world, something very beautiful. I thank all of my teammates for giving us the opportunity to make such a sentence. "

Stating that TRT EBA is a very good co-production of MEB and TRT and that a collaboration that will continue for years from now on, Selçuk; He stated that they will continue to meet this as an ordinary need of the transforming and changing world and establish the best digital education infrastructure in the world.

Selçuk said, “We have a great vision, a goal, this is our dream. How far will we go, we will all witness it together. " he finished his words.

"We shoot 10 lessons in 60 studios"

TRT General Manager and Chairman of the Board İbrahim Eren also shared information about TRT EBA in his speech at the ceremony.

“We shoot 10 lessons a day in 60 studios, and our activities and activities continue at the same time in 6 studios. From shooting to editing, from planning to broadcasting, more than 200 of my colleagues also work on TRT EBA TV channels. "

Eren thanked all the employees working in TRT EBA channels and expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of National Education for their confidence in this project and wished students success in the new academic year.

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