Meles Stream and Yeşildere Valley Design Competition Concluded

Meles Idea Competition Concluded: 'It will be a Natural Life Corridor'
Meles Idea Competition Concluded: 'It will be a Natural Life Corridor'

The design contest organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for Meles Stream and its immediate surroundings has been concluded. The project, which received the first prize, sets Meles as a "Natural Living Corridor".

The design competition opened by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for Meles Stream and Yeşildere Valley, which have lost their natural qualities due to urbanization, has been concluded. The "Meles Stream National Urban Design Idea Project Competition as an Urban and Ecological Backbone", which stands out as one of the largest-scale and comprehensive competition projects in Turkey, that will affect the entire face and future of the city of Izmir. kazanThe team consisted of Birge Yıldırım Okta, Burak Arifoğlu, İzel Beşikçi, Kerem Arslanlı under the representation of Enise Burcu Derinboğaz. The idea of ​​“Academy Meles” of the project team represented by Mehmet Cemil Aktaş in the competition won the second prize, while the project led by Meltem Erdem Kaya, which proposes self-contained spatial units, deserves the third prize. kazanwas.

11 thematic parks

The project, which received the first prize, sets Meles as a "Natural Life Corridor" and stands out with the proposal of the Meles Transformation Agency (MEDA) as an organization model for the ownership and implementation of the project. The project, which handles the Meles Stream together with its basin, offers 11 thematic park areas along the Meles Natural Life Corridor. Each park, which is programmed according to the history, identity, diversity of ecological assets and local needs of İzmir, adopts the principle of meeting the needs of the neighborhoods they are located in with its social, ecological and structural scope. Throughout the Wildlife Corridor, 30 micro-interventions whose locations are determined according to the movement of the water and the impact areas it creates, combine with the Meles Living Nature Parks Network to form the Natural Life Corridor.

Ecological corridor will

Aiming to increase the presence of green spaces in the city, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality aims to make Meles River and its surroundings as the ecological backbone of the city as the priority action plan of İzmir Green Infrastructure Strategy. In this way, a new step will be taken for the goal of green corridors in Orman İzmir Campaign. The project will have a critical function in revealing values ​​such as Kervan Bridge, Kızılçullu Aqueducts and Halkapınar Lake.

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