Istanbul's Subways Are Now Bicycle Friendly

Istanbul's Subways Are Now Bicycle Friendly
Istanbul's Subways Are Now Bicycle Friendly

With the arrangement it made, Metro Istanbul expanded the limits of travel by bicycle. Accordingly, foldable bicycles will be able to travel without a cover throughout the day, and with unfolded bicycles for 1 hour longer than before, on the last wagon of the trains without any additional charges.

Metro Istanbul, one of the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), updated its travel rules on bicycle travel on the subway and trams in order to ensure the comfort of both passengers and other passengers with environmental sensitivity. In this context, the company declaring the last wagon of each vehicle as a bicycle-friendly wagon has also expanded the hours allowed to use bicycles.

"The most environmentally friendly transportation rail systems"

Underlining that rail systems are the most environmentally friendly transportation systems in the world, Metro Istanbul General Manager Özgür Soy stated that, thanks to the rail systems, approximately 450 thousand fewer vehicles come into traffic every day in Istanbul, and that close to 2 thousand barrels of oil is not spent per day. Reminding that rail systems have not yet reached every point of Istanbul, Özgür Soy said, “Our metro and tramways operate at 158 ​​stations. People still need some to go to the subways and the places they will arrive when they get off. While working to make Istanbul a bicycle-friendly city, we wanted to encourage this in public transportation. With our bicycle-friendly wagon application, we have come a long way in this sense, ”he said.

"It is our primary duty to consider the comfort of all our passengers"

Noting that there was a decrease in the number of passengers due to the pandemic, but there was still intensity at certain hours, Soy stated that there were discussions between bicycle users and other passengers during these hours and said, “Our other passengers may have discomfort about bicycles. It is our primary duty to consider the comfort of all our passengers. For this reason, we defined our last wagons as bicycle-friendly wagons. All our passengers who get there will know that it is a wagon that can also be ridden by bicycle. Thus, we wanted to prevent the discussions, ”he said.

All-day travel on a folding bike

Reminding that in the previous application, foldable bicycles were required to carry a cover, General Manager Soy gave the following information: “You can ride the metro at any time of the day with the bag. However, putting the bike in its cover and removing it back is troublesome when you are in a hurry to catch up with the subway. For this reason, we have provided the opportunity to carry folding bicycles without a cover at any time of the day. We also increased the travel time by 1 hour with non-folding bicycles. Accordingly, it will be possible to travel on the last wagon every hour at no additional cost, except between 07.00-09.00 and 17.00-20.00 when passenger density is high. "

Zero emission, zero carbon footprint ...

Turkey as well as in the whole world saying that people no longer pay attention to carbon footprints, Pedigree, "to use the subway instead of the petroleum-powered vehicles is already a huge step in this regard. Since our subways run on electricity, our carbon footprint is very low. When you get off the subway and continue on your bike, you live in the world with zero emissions and zero carbon footprint. An awesome thing. This is a lifestyle that we can recommend to our children and we would like them to adopt, ”he said.

An invitation to bicycle lovers…

Underlining that IMM has very important practices such as increasing the bicycle roads in order to make Istanbul a bicycle-friendly city, Özgür Soy invited all bicycle lovers to the metro to make Istanbul one of the exemplary cities in the world.

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