Is Suspending Adapazarı Train Flights Due to Pandemic Solution?

Is Stopping Adapazarı Train Flights a Solution? Unresolved?
Is Stopping Adapazarı Train Flights a Solution? Unresolved?

Don't let the name mislead you "Adapazari train“It is not the train that the people of Kocaeli get on and go to Adapazarı province only. For example, you could go to Izmit from Hereke in 20 minutes with this train (45 minutes by bus), or by taking the ferry from Karamürsel to Hereke (going to Pendik or Gebze) Marmaray s HalkalıIt was possible to go as far as. The university student in Derbent was also using this train, the worker working in Tuzla district, and the villager from Sapanca who wanted to sell the products he brought from his village in the market.

A student studying at Gebze University and residing in Adapazarı would also use this line.

In the past years, it was a railway line operating with a hundred percent occupancy rate. 4 million passengers were carried annually.

The Route Is Shortened.

Haydarpasa-Adapazarthe train running between the station finally Pendik-Adapazari He was working between the station.

Number of Expeditions Decreased

The number of trains that made 24 trips before was determined as 8 (10).

Train Stations Closed.

Only in our province, Köseköy, Derbent, Kırkikievler, Kuruçeşme, Tütünçiftlik, Kirazlıyalı, Protection train stations are still not put into service.

The Number of Wagons has been reduced

The number of wagons of the train, which previously served with 7 wagons, has been reduced to 4.

Despite all the mistakes made, the citizen preferred the train because it was cheap. The number of passengers has increased recently.

Is it a Solution to remove it completely due to the pandemic?

In order to travel with Adapazarı train, tickets could be purchased from TCDD website. Therefore, it is easily possible to limit passengers. No passengers will be taken while standing. Considering the cleaning and disinfection of wagons to be carried out by the government, it is obvious that it will be safer than passenger transportation by buses and minibuses. Moreover, since the Adapazarı train was discontinued, there was more passenger demand for buses and minibuses, and more people were at risk in buses and minibuses.

Adapazarı train and other regional trains should be put into operation again. Due to the lack of train services, passenger demand in buses and minibuses will increase the risk of virus spread.

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