Promotional Flight of the Hot Air Balloon was Made in Göbeklitepe

Promotional Flight of the Hot Air Balloon was Made in Göbeklitepe
Promotional Flight of the Hot Air Balloon was Made in Göbeklitepe

A promotional flight of the Hot Air Balloon was held in Göbeklitepe, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and described as the "Zero Point of History".

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül participated in the promotional flight with the participation of Şanlıurfa Deputy Governor Şahin Aslan, Haliliye District Governor Metin Esen, and Karaköprü Mayor Metin Baydilli.

Within the scope of the works initiated under the coordination of Şanlıurfa Governorship and Metropolitan Municipality and the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism in order to increase the number of days of accommodation for visitors to Şanlıurfa and to contribute to the diversity of tourism in the city, the relevant company is required by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation to make hot air balloon flights in Göbeklitepe. The permissions have been obtained.

After the 4-day test flights, a promotional flight was made to the press members at the first light of the morning with the participation of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül and his entourage.

Sanliurfa, Turkey's most important tourism centers will BE CONTINUED

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Beyazgül stated that getting on the Hot Air Balloon was a different feeling in a statement he made to the journalists after the flight and said, “It is pleasing to participate in the first flight of the balloon that colors the skies of Şanlıurfa. Flying with balloons has a different beauty and a feeling. It is very important for us that Şanlıurfa is included in this tourism destination. I would like to thank Ezel Tourism and Mr. Bilge. He said we were going to fly balloons in Şanlıurfa. Sanliurfa, Turkey will continue to be an important tourist center, people certainly Göbeklitepe come with stretching, will face another beauty when they come here, this is the hot air balloon flights ... Sanliurfa face of the Earth they watch, Göbeklitepe Things have watched a the sky. I thank everyone who contributed. " said.

Şanlıurfa Deputy Governor Şahin Aslan stated that they were happy that they had the opportunity to watch Göbeklitepe from the air by participating in the promotional flight and said, "Balloon flights that will serve the promotion of the city will continue, we want Şanlıurfa to become an important destination in balloon tourism." he spoke.

It was stated that balloon flights, which will serve for the promotion of the city, will be opened to the public in 2021. The flights, which provide the opportunity to view Göbeklitepe and Şanlıurfa from 1000 meters from the air, will contribute to the tourism values ​​of Urfa with 300 flights per year.



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