High Speed ​​Train System Has Crashed in France!

High Speed ​​Train System Has Crashed in France!
High Speed ​​Train System Has Crashed in France!

Some high-speed train (TGV) services were delayed for 20 hours due to the electricity problem in the railway lines in the southwest of France. While thousands were stranded on the road, some of the passengers suffered from water, food and fresh air shortages.

Passengers who shared their situation on their social media accounts with photos expressed their reactions to the authorities during the compulsory wait.

While some of the passengers waited in the corridors with their masks, others tried to calm their children by taking care of them in the cabins.

The problem will continue until Tuesday

The national railway agency SNCF apologized to the citizens for the interruption that started Sunday afternoon and stopped traffic in the southwestern part of the country.

Stating that four high-speed trains connecting the city of Bordeaux with other cities were stranded on the rails during the night due to the chain effect on other routes, SNCF announced that the traffic was not expected to return to normal until Tuesday morning, and announced that an internal investigation was opened. (Euronews)



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