Employee Claims

The "Labor Law" is a law made for workers and it provides workers with many rights as we will explain below. Employees have a legal right to collect certain claims for their services. If these rights are not granted to them, they can seek their rights by taking the necessary legal remedies.

 Workers' Claim How to Open?

The lawsuit regarding the workers' lawsuits / employee case claims is opened with the submission of the relevant lawsuit petition to an authorized labor court. Obtaining legal advice and attorney services from office lawyers, lawsuit for employment gebze labor case It will be in your best interest to prevent you from losing your rights and to resolve possible future problems quickly and effectively.

What Are Worker Rights?

Worker's Right to Wage

Generally, wages refer to the amount an employer or a third party provides to someone for a job and pays with money. The wages of the employees will be regulated as their legal rights in the Labor Law.

Employee's Right to Immediately Terminate the Employment Contract for Just Cause

Generally, termination of an employment contract must be based on valid reasons. Legislators authorize employees to unilaterally terminate their employment contracts under certain conditions. These reasons:

Situations and similar situations that do not comply with ethical rules and good faith

  • Health reasons
  • Some compelling reasons


Overtime refers to the work that exceeds the working hours stipulated in the Labor Law. In the "Labor Law", it has been determined that the weekly maximum working time is 45 hours, and this period will be divided equally into several days unless otherwise agreed.

Bad Will Compensation

Malicious compensation; Workers who cannot benefit from job security and are dealing with indefinite employment contracts have the right to receive compensation if the employment contract is terminated in bad faith by the employer. There are many labor lawsuits filed in this direction. Especially Gebze Lawyer Considering the cases received by law firms, it is observed that the number of cases in this direction has increased.

Vacation Fees

Workers must be given at least 24 uninterrupted breaks (weekend breaks) within seven days, provided they have worked within a specific working day. In other words, workers should rest at least one day a week. During non-working holidays, the employer pays a full day salary without any job compensation.

Milk Permit Right

Breast milk is essential for the feeding of the baby. Considering the importance of this situation, legislators have created some special regulations for working mothers and babies in countries around the world.



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