Emirates Flight Network to Reach 81 Cities

Emirates Flight Network to Reach 81 Cities
Emirates Flight Network to Reach 81 Cities

Emirates announced it will resume flights to Accra, Ghana and Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, starting September 6. With the addition of these two destinations, the total number of cities Emirates serves in Africa will increase to 11. At the same time, with these two cities, the airline's passenger flight network will reach 81 destinations in September. The airline will continue its passenger operations safely and progressively to meet passenger demand, offering even more connections to passengers around the world for travel via Dubai and Dubai.

There will be connecting flights from Dubai to Accra and Abidjan three times a week. Emirates.com for flights with the Emirates Boeing 777-300ERtr Reservations can be made through or through travel agents.

As Dubai reopens its doors to international business and leisure visitors, passengers can travel to the city or take a break in the city during their travels. In order to protect the safety of travelers, visitors and the community, UAE citizens coming to Dubai (and UAE), UAE residents, tourists and all passengers transferring there, regardless of their country of origin, are required to undergo COVID-19 PCR testing.

Destination Dubai: With its sunny beaches, cultural heritage events, and world-class accommodation and leisure facilities, Dubai is one of the most popular global cities. In 2019, the city welcomed 16,7 million visitors and hosted hundreds of global meetings and fairs, as well as sports and entertainment events. Dubai has become one of the first cities in the world to receive a Safe Travel stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) with its comprehensive and effective measures to ensure the health and safety of visitors.

Flexibility and security: Emirates' booking policies offer passengers flexibility and confidence in their travel plans. Passengers who have purchased an Emirates ticket to travel on or before 30 November 2020 by 30 September 2020 have to change their travel plans due to unexpected COVID-19 flight or travel restrictions, or if they have booked on the Flex and Flex plus tariff. They can take advantage of the flexible booking conditions and options

Free, global coverage for costs related to COVID-19: If they are diagnosed with COVID-19 during their travel, passengers can now travel safely, thanks to the airline's commitment to cover medical costs related to COVID-19 for free. This coverage is valid for passengers flying with Emirates until 31 October 2020 (first flight must be completed on or before 31 October 2020). Passengers will benefit for 31 days from the moment they make their first flight. With this app, Emirates passengers will still be able to enjoy the coverage of this coverage even if they travel to another city after arriving with Emirates in the city they are flying to. More information can be found at: https://www.emirates.com/tr/turkish/help/covid19-cover/

Health and safety: Emirates has implemented a comprehensive range of measures, including the distribution of free hygiene kits containing masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes to all passengers to ensure the safety of passengers and their employees, both on the ground and in the air at every step of their journey. For more information, visit: https://www.emirates.com/tr/turkish/help/your-safety/

Tourist entry requirements: For more information on the entry requirements for international visitors to Dubai, please visit: https://www.emirates.com/tr/turkish/help/flying-to-and-from-dubai/

With resident in Dubair can check their latest travel conditions at: https://www.emirates.com/tr/turkish/help/flying-to-and-from-dubai/

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