Castrol Ford Team Turkey, Marmaris feet to the WRC Successfully Completes

Castrol Ford Team Turkey, Marmaris feet to the WRC Successfully Completes
Castrol Ford Team Turkey, Marmaris feet to the WRC Successfully Completes

Castrol Ford Team Turkey successfully completed the WRC-Turkey Rally held in Marmaris, the Turkish leg of the WRC - World Rally Championship, one of the most important sports organizations in the world. Young talents join Turkish rally sport in 2020 season kazanRenovating its organization from top to bottom in order to make it a better place, the team managed to finish the race in the first place in the "2-wheel drive" and "youngsters" categories, and collected important points with its young pilots in the challenging rally.

WRC is the largest sports organization in his home Turkey - Turkey leg of the World Rally Championship was held this year in Marmaris among 19 athletes from 130 countries and 65 to 18 September with the participation of 20 automobile history.

After a long hiatus, during this period the call to the pandemic due to sports events, the first major international sporting event in our country WRC Marmaris Rally was run in the World Rally Championship 5th leg of 2020 and the first and second legs of the Turkey Rally Championship. Turkey's first and only European champion rally team Castrol Ford Team Turkey, this year with the young pilots "pulls 2" and "young people" category in the race was completed successfully.

Castrol Ford Team Turkey's Emre Hasbay born in 1995 young pilot and co-pilot's seat in Candaş Long Ford Fiesta r2t'n 'two draws' and 'youth' category was able to finish the race in first place.

He won the Turkey Rally Young Drivers Championship twice in his career under the umbrella of Castrol Ford Team Turkey. kazanAnd Sunman, who has done well, made his mark in the 2nd place in the 'youth' category with his Ford Fiesta this year.

Castrol Ford Team Turkey 1999 born great promising young pilots Ali Türkkan and co-pilot Honor Leo Ford's rally newest tool in the world of Fiesta Rally4's seat in the race, the 'youth' category in the race managed to finish 3rd.

Bostanci: “Kazanrace in the categories we want to make kazansteep"

Castrol Ford Team Turkey Murat Bostanci from this year's champion pilot private pilot's seat, while transition to coaching the pilot's seat, Marmaris Rally found the following assessment:

“We successfully left behind the Marmaris Rally, the Turkish leg of the WRC – World Rally Championship. It was a good race for us from start to finish. Race in both junior and two-wheel drive categories kazansteep. This year, especially with our young pilots, by taking our country to a more competitive level in the European and World Championships; We were aiming for the 2020 Turkey Rally Young Drivers Championship, and the 2020 Turkey Rally Two Wheel Drive Championship. Although it is a very tough race kazanrace in the categories we want to make kazanWe live the happiness of man. We would like to thank all our athletes who sweated in this race, which is very important for both the Turkish rally community and our country, as well as Castrol Ford Team Turkey.”


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