Training Continues at Full Speed ​​at Airshow 2020

Workouts Continue at Full Speed ​​at Airshow 2020
Workouts Continue at Full Speed ​​at Airshow 2020

This year, on September 13, Sunday, between 13.00:17.00 and 2020:XNUMX, the training sessions continue at a great pace at “Sivrihisar Air Shows - SHG AIRSHOWXNUMX”, which will be broadcast live on social media and televisions.

Ali İsmet Öztürk, our world famous national aerobatic pilot, shared the cockpit image taken during the rehearsals.
“Sivrihisar Air Shows, SHG Airshow2020” will be held at Sivrihisar Aviation Center, Necati Artan Facilities on Sunday, September 13, without spectators due to the pandemic this year. Training continues rapidly in the magnificent organization, which will be broadcast on satellite, TV and social media channels between 13.00 and 17.00. Ali İsmet Öztürk, our world-famous national aerobatic pilot, saw the cockpit image taken during the rehearsals. Youtubeshared from.

The experienced pilot presented magnificent images that push the boundaries against gravity, with his ups and downs on his training flight. The images shared from the cockpit are a harbinger that the audience will witness a magnificent show at SHG Airshow13 on Sunday, September 2020th.

World Famous Aerobatic Pilots Will Take Their Breath At SHG Airshow2020

Our World Famous National Aerobatic Pilot Ali İsmet Öztürk, the adrenaline-filled Purple Violet plane and British Aerobatic Pilots Martin Lovell, Bob Pooler, Andrew James Goodall, Lee Proudfoot and German Pilot Gabriel Orlando Rieser will be on 9 ground, 1 airborne and “Cockpit” during the exciting show flights. It will be viewed live with many cameras.

Spectacular Air Shows in Turkish Skies

Turkish Air Force F-16 Solotürk Show, Turkish Air Force 201. Personnel Rescue Fleet Command parachute jumps, helicopter demonstration teams affiliated to the General Directorate of Security Aviation Department and the Gendarmerie General Command Aviation Directorate "Gendarmerie Steel Wings Flight Demonstration Team" SHG Airshow2020 ' will fascinate the audience with its shows. MSÖ. "Historic" aircraft in the inventory of the Air and Space Museum; The oldest airplane in the end the situation Turkey DC-3 "Turkish Delight", the legendary fighter plane Mustang P-51D "Ferocious Frankie" T-6 G Texan "Happy Hour", the Antonov AN-2 and Boeing Stearman A-75 "live He will make great air shows on the air.

Detailed information about "Sivrihisar Air Shows, SHG Airshow13" will be published on Sunday, September 2020 located on the site.

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