Aegean Tourism Centers Çeşme Project Meeting Held

Aegean Tourism Centers Çeşme Project Meeting Held
Aegean Tourism Centers Çeşme Project Meeting Held

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy stated that they have completed very important stages in the Aegean Tourism Centers Çeşme phase and that the projects will be completed within 10 months.

“Aegean Tourism Centers Çeşme Project” meeting was held in İzmir Chamber of Commerce (İZTO) with the participation of Minister Ersoy, Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, Çeşme Mayor Ekrem Oran and Chairman of İZTO Board of Directors Mahmut Özgener.

After the meeting, Minister Ersoy stated that the Çeşme phase of the project has been on the agenda for about 8-9 months, and that there was a lot of unity pollution and misperceptions when the project started, and said, “As the ministry, I personally promised that the project would be transparent and participatory. We have completed very important stages in the Aegean Tourism Centers Çeşme project. After that, we came to the planning stage quickly. As of today, we have formed the project team that will prepare the plans for this project. We prepared a consensus on which concepts should be included and under what conditions to create the tourism center of the future 50 years. he spoke.

Stating that the project working group will place the determined concepts on the land in a manner that respects the nature and the environment, Ersoy stated that due to the sharing policy, everyone will be informed about the issue.

Minister Ersoy explained that the project working group was determined by the recommendation of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce and the agreement of Izmir Metropolitan and Çeşme municipalities.

Research on Drinking Water from Sea Water

Stating that the working group will prepare the environmental scheme, master development plans and ecological life plan, Ersoy pointed out that 3 transportation study reports will be prepared by İzmir Institute of Technology, Middle East Technical University and Mersin University, and also a study will be carried out on the supply of drinking and utility water from sea water. .

Stating that the working group consists of architects who have received architecture awards, academicians and consultants, Ersoy noted that the project plans will be completed at the end of approximately 10 months and the plans will come to the suspension stage.

Upon a journalist's question at the meeting about the criticisms made by TMMOB on the Çeşme project claiming that "the public interest is being ignored", Ersoy stated that a working group was established with the agreement of the municipalities and that they are working to create the tourism center of the future 50 years and said, “We have determined the necessary concepts, from now on for this project to be placed in the project area in cooperation. It is not good to say yes or no to everything. " gave the answer.

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer also Minister Ersoy transparent and participatory approach by thanking hence, they are advancing in development objectives consistent with the nature and stressed that they plan to increase the tourism share to 20 percent in Turkey in the region.

İZTO President Mahmut Özgener stated that the project will make a great contribution to the country in the field of tourism.

Minister Ersoy Visited Ephesus Ancient City

Minister Ersoy, who went to Selçuk district within the scope of the Izmir program, entered Ephesus Ancient City and toured the ancient theater and Celsus Library. Minister Ersoy received a briefing from the authorities about excavation, restoration and conservation works and tourism projects.

İzmir Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger accompanied Minister Ersoy during his visit.

Rail Industry Show Armin sohbet

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