50 Percent Grant Support to Youth and Women Farmers

50 Percent Grant Support to Youth and Women Farmers
50 Percent Grant Support to Youth and Women Farmers

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli stated that they continue to discriminate positively to our youth and women farmers within the scope of small family businesses and gave the good news of the grant.

Minister Pakdemirli stated that small family businesses, which constitute the majority of agricultural enterprises in our country, cannot have sufficient economic power to establish a large processing facility and stated that they aim to increase the market share of these enterprises by supporting especially young people and women.

In this direction, Minister Pakdemirli gave the good news of the grant; “Within the scope of Rural Development investment supports and small family businesses, and especially our young (18-40 years old) and women farmers, in the period 2021-2025, processing of vegetable and animal products (freezing, drying, canning, jam, noodles, etc.) and packaging activities. We will provide 50 grants. For this, we issued the new Presidential Decree in July ”.

Minister Pakdemirli sampled the areas to be prioritized in the 50% Grant;

“Being young and female, living in the countryside and wanting to establish a small scale facility that will process primary agricultural products and turn them into value-added products.

Sample businesses; Pickled Leaf Plant, Honey Processing and Packaging Plant, Vegetable Fruit Drying Plant, Oyster Mushroom Production Plant, etc. "

Minister Pakdemirli also stated that they will spread the Expert Hands Project, which is implemented as a pilot in 4 provinces (Mardin, Düzce, İzmir, Amasya), to 81 in the new period.

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