2030 Unimpeded Vision Document Ready

2030 Unimpeded Vision Document Ready
2030 Unimpeded Vision Document Ready

📩 21/09/2020 15:08

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services prepared the 2030 Barrier-Free Vision Document, which sets out the vision of becoming an inclusive society in which disabled people can realize their potential as equal citizens.

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, said that since 2002, they have taken steps to strengthen the participation of people with disabilities in social life in many areas from home and institutional care services to accessibility studies, employment and education. Emphasizing that the concept of disability is a concept that changes and transforms over time, Minister Selçuk said, “Based on this change, we prepared our Barrier Free Vision Document. This Vision Document will reveal our country's national vision and roadmap in the field of disability from 2020 to 2030. " said.

Policies Covered in 8 Topics

In the Barrier-Free Vision Document, the policies to be developed for disabled citizens were discussed under 8 headings. Topics include "Inclusive and Accessible Society", "Protection of Rights and Justice", "Health and Well-being", "Inclusive Education", "Economic Assurance", "Independent Living", "Disaster and Humanitarian Emergencies" and "Practice and Monitoring ”takes place. Some of the goals in the 31 Barrier-Free Vision Document, which consists of 111 goals and 2030 action plans in total, are as follows:

Accessibility Criteria Will Be Included In Public Tenders

Accessibility criteria will be included in public tenders. Necessary legislative arrangements will be made to strengthen accessibility. The level of knowledge and awareness of technical staff will be increased in order to realize all kinds of architectural and urban services in the public and private sectors in an accessible manner. Incentive programs will be developed to increase accessibility. In addition, a model for affordable and accessible housing allocation will be developed; Necessary measures will be taken for the accessible production of public transportation vehicles.

Discriminatory Provisions Will Be Extracted

National legislation against discrimination against the disabled will be reviewed. Revision work will be made to eliminate the provisions containing discrimination based on disability. Necessary legal and administrative measures will be strengthened to make the complaint mechanisms and procedures that allow an application to be made accessible to persons with disabilities in the event of a violation of any right.

Access to Justice Services and Participation in Political Life Will Be Strengthened

Access of the disabled to justice services and their participation in political life will also be strengthened. Awareness studies will be conducted on access to justice. Legal and administrative measures will be strengthened to ensure that disabled people use their rights in judicial processes and ensure appropriate adaptations for their age and disability. Efforts will be increased to ensure that persons with disabilities can participate in election processes independently.

Early Diagnosis Programs Will Be Widespread

It is aimed to strengthen accessible health services for the disabled. In this direction, protective and preventive work will be carried out in areas with congenital and acquired disability risk. Early diagnosis programs will be expanded and early intervention programs will be established at the same time. The quality of health institutions to respond to the needs of disabled people such as physical access, appropriate equipment, equipment and accessible information will be increased. The access of the disabled to the medicines, medical materials and devices they need depending on their disability will be facilitated and supported.

Training Curriculum and Materials Will Be Revised

It is planned to strengthen the education of disabled individuals by evaluating their mental and physical abilities. In this context, all personnel working at all levels of education, including early childhood education, will be strengthened in terms of quality and quantity. Education curriculum and materials will be revised in terms of disability discrimination.

Their Economic Status Will Be Strengthened

It is also aimed to strengthen the economic status of the disabled. Activities for the disabled to adapt to the job with their skills will be expanded. The legislation on the right to work and employment, including recruitment processes, employment conditions, career development, healthy and safe working conditions, including job postings and application forms, will be revised in terms of disabled people. With the Administrative Fines Fund, grant support for disabled people to start their own businesses will be expanded and activated. Disabled of Turkey will take measures to effectively benefit from all aspects of job placement services carried out in the Employment Agency site.

Web Pages and Banking Services Will Be Accessible

Efforts will be made to increase the awareness of the disabled regarding the rights of the disabled and public services. Web pages of public institutions will be made accessible. Accessibility of banking services will be expanded. The accessibility of emergency call services will be strengthened.

Participation of Disabled in Social and Cultural Life will be Ensured

Participation of the disabled in social and cultural life, tourism, travel, entertainment and recreation activities will be strengthened. Necessary infrastructure and administrative measures will be taken to ensure the participation of disabled citizens in sports activities with equal opportunities.

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