Women Drivers Preparing to Hit the Capital Roads

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to set an example for other municipalities with its efforts to increase women's employment. Following the recruitment of 10 female drivers by the EGO General Directorate, the ANFA General Directorate also entrusted the road sweeping and water tanker vehicles to 51-year-old Yıldız Demirci. Yıldız Demirci, whose trial runs and trainings continue, will be on Başkent streets in a short time.

With the instruction of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, all units of the municipality continue to work towards increasing women's employment.

Attracting attention with human-oriented practices in many areas from the development of women's cooperatives to the employment of women tailors during the pandemic process, the Metropolitan Municipality has now recruited 10 female driver to be employed in water tanker and broom vehicles at the ANFA General Directorate, after the employment of 1 female drivers in EGO buses.


While 10 female drivers hired by the General Directorate of EGO counted the days to get into the traffic, the ANFA General Directorate set an example for other municipalities with the employment of a single female driver.

While ANFA General Directorate entrusted the 51-year-old Yıldız Demirci with water tanker and road sweeping vehicles, whose test drives and training continues, Demirci, who is preparing to clean the streets and streets of Başkent with heavy cleaning vehicles, shared his thoughts with the following words:

“Driving heavy vehicles, which is a father's profession, was my childhood dream. I was dealing with trade in Heavy Industry. I also used trucks, trucks and other heavy vehicles as a hobby. We are 4 brothers and we all practice the same profession. "

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