Van Iskele Coastal Road to be Reconstructed by TCDD

While the uncertainty about Van Iskele Beach, which was suddenly destroyed and closed to the public last March, Van Governor Mehmet Emin Bilmez made the point for an area called "to do" and "not to be done": "It will be done again." November was pointed out for the opening.

March 21, 2019 Date of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the expansion of the station by the pedestrian area enclosed with the work initiated on the grounds jetty and pier Ferries Coastal Studies are under way in the park. The reopening was given for that area, which was said to not be announced again after the date of its closure, and whose project was announced later, but remained uncertain.

Beach Pier, an important symbol of the city and Ferry Pier Park, March 21, 2019 Date of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the expansion of the grounds was closed to pedestrian area by the station with the work being started. The dismantling of the park, trees, green and all other buildings in the existing area and the closure of the area, which is one of the symbols of the city, caused a great reaction throughout the city. Later, a new project announcement was made for the Pier Shore Cord, which remained in its current state for a long time and was said to not open again after the expansion of the railways. The expected explanation came from the Governor of Van and the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mehmet Emin Bilmez, while the calls for the area, where the work had not begun, despite the announcement about the new project to be made. Governor Bilmez gave the good news, "We will do it again" for the Pier Beach Promenade, which has been waiting to be put into service for two years.


Van Governor Mehmet Emin Bilmez, who held a meeting for the Pier Beach Promenade, which was closed last year, shared the latest information about the status of the cordon. Speaking at the meeting attended by TCDD officials, TCDD 5th Regional Manager Aliseydi Felek stated that they will rebuild the walking path towards the end of the construction on the Pier Beach road, upon the request of the Governor Bilmez and the instructions of the general managers. Felek said, “The walkway at Iskele will continue. It will not only be able to land right where the ferry does, because there is a land cut by the railway. Maybe after a distance of about 70 meters, we will build the walking path back to the old cafeteria in a more beautiful way than the old form. But now our project continues to be renewed. We are changing our project for this walkway. " He spoke in the form.


Stating that they signed the contract for the tender of the project, which is currently ongoing and revised, in March, Felek said, “We made a contract in March 2020 and the contract was made on 09.03.2020. The site delivery date is 13 March 2020. However, here, in accordance with the decrees, the contractor company legally requested a stop of work due to Covid-19 for a while. Since he could not find employees, he could not provide equipment and tools for a certain period of time, some work stopped. Then it started again on June 17th. Our normal time is November 2020. After we have thrown that road to both our esteemed Governor and our general manager, we will make the arrangement of this walking path. We will carry out this together, but there is such a problem in this issue that we will carry out together, since trucks, vehicles and cranes will pass from there, it is not possible to build that walking path without completing this work to a certain extent. But if God grants, we will gift that walking path to the people of Van again until the end of this year. " He spoke.


Stating that they have 2 ferries, Felek said, “We have two 1,5-wagon ferries newly built by our government, one of which has been working for 3,5 years and the other for 50 years. coaches came to Iran from all over the Ferry These two we carry our our Turkey this ferry. You know, the railway does not exist between Tatvan and Van. Here, we carry the cargoes coming to Iran and Van by ferries. One of these two ferries was made before and you will see it on the pier. It works in the part we call right line now. Also, it has a left line. In other words, there is another port side where the second ferry will dock and its roads are being built. In other words, when the second ferry approaches, we are building the railroad where we will drop the wagons inside it. This is what we do. At the same time, since our ferries carry 50 wagons 500 meters long, we have to put the wagons in one place when we unload them, and take the 500-meter train line that we take from the other Van and wait at the pier on the ferry. We did not have this way, we had no maneuvering way. We also made a road where we could have 3 wagons waiting and maneuver there. While we were starting these roads and starting the ferry route we call this left line, we removed the other sitting places and walking areas there, and we are emptying the cafes in accordance with the letter of our port authority. " Said.


Noting that there are some problems with the tenants, Felek said, “Our tenants did not want to leave, although it was in our own contract, we were taken to court. These courts took some time. Therefore, we intervened in some places 3-5 months in advance. Waiting in the meantime, of course, they reproached why the people of Van demolished it 5-6 months ago, nobody has hit a pickax until now, but they have a legal process. This is nothing more. There is also a concrete structure of the pier where the ferry will dock and the water was filled by the lake. Huge cranes and trucks had to pass through when these places were being built. Because we had no other area to go there except the walking path. The ferry was already running on the other side, so the train was coming and going. That's why while the docking concrete structure of the pier was being built, we had to use it as a road and we wrote to the municipality and canceled it. This is the main reason. " He used his expressions.


referring to the pandemic continued his spree speech, "Pandemic process in the Iranian transport in March in Turkey pestilence about the first case of our cargo to Iran in rail transport freight after the closure of the Iranian highway doors after interest has doubled. We had to increase our capacity a lot. There is a heavy demand for freight, not only from our country. In fact, there were loads coming from other countries and going from our country to Iran by rail. Because the highway is closed. They used us as a transit zone. There was an excessive demand for us in this regard. We have become such that we could not bear our own burden due to carrying food. Because our path is one. Therefore, our ferries did not catch up, in case they both worked.


We would normally give one as a supplement, but after the pandemic process, we could not train them because they were constantly working. We had a hard time transferring even the food that was loaded in Van to Iran. Iran could not get it due to customs clearance. This was a difficult process. In a situation like this there, railways carrying capacity of around 3 percent in the third and a half in Turkey. We are aiming to increase above 4 percent. While we are accomplishing this goal, we cannot achieve this goal with one ferry docking at the pier. As all our preparations are during the pandemic process, we are making preparations that we need to do in the future in the lands belonging to our own railways in order to increase our share in transportation. That's all our goal. " He spoke in the form.


Speaking after Felek, Governor Bilmez noted that they wanted to make the remaining part of the public and said, “Actually, there was not much left. We do not know if a work will be done for the beach part with a team work on the project. Last year, that area was in court. Those who have businesses there filed a lawsuit. In addition, a passenger waiting room will be built in that area. Many jobs in Van can be prolonged like this when they are stuck in the courts. This situation has created victimization. But the railways continue to build rapidly by doing its part. Especially the area where the walking path is located will be reconstructed by the State Railways. A beautiful hall is also being built for passengers. " Said.


Governor Bilmez said, “Tourism professionals rent wagons all the time. Citizens who love adventure also travel by train and come to Tatvan, then come here by ferry. The view given by the ferry is worth seeing. Along with the train, natural beauties can be brought to tourism with the ferry. This makes Van a separate attraction. Only the biggest problem is the delay of passengers in Tatvan. The best way to prevent this will be to take the ferries. " He spoke in the form.


Stating that they can increase the number of ferry voyages, Bilmez said, “Passengers will not have to wait for the train. Kapıköy has a very important place in this regard. Freight transportation is done by trains through Iran. And this is done very intensely. The work of the road between Kapıköy Razi continues rapidly. Iran in particular in this regard I think he understood that Turkey's close. Shipments made by trucks are now made via trains and cost less. There is a lot of demand in Van, especially for the construction of railways to the OIZ and small industrial sites. But this job is not that easy. For such studies, project work is a must first. " He spoke.


Finally, Regional Manager Felek made an evaluation for the Northern Railway Railway Line, which has been on the city's agenda for years. Felek: “There is no project to do such a work in Van. In particular, there is no study by our ministry regarding the construction of the northern railway line. It has been discussed on this issue for years. Has been looked after for the road many times. However, there is no study on this. 2 ferries were brought in recently. And we can say that each cost 50 million euros. Apart from that, we are constantly working on the road. Also, a tunnel is required for the train route to be built over Tatvan. Also, the floor on the north side is very soft. It was said that it would not keep going. There is no work on the northern railway line. Commons do not even have projects. Until now, there is no project that indicates that any work will be done. We are talking about an area of ​​about 230 kilometers. Let us point out that there is no such study. "

After the speeches, Governor Bilmez and Regional Manager Felek made observations at the Pier Beach where the studies were continuing.

Source: Şehrivan Newspaper



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