What Should Be Considered When Making a University Choice?

What should be considered when choosing a university?
What should be considered when choosing a university?

📩 04/01/2023 09:11

The deadline for university choices is August 14th. The universities and departments that some candidates will choose are also determined. However, some expected to act according to the exam results. For this reason, it is necessary to use this short time well for preference.

'Ask yourself a question'

Stating that the candidates should consider all the details while making their choice, Koray Varol Schools Founder Koray Varol said, “The aim should not be just entering the university. Are you ready to do the profession you chose throughout your life and live in the city you will visit for 4-5 years? Will you read the chapter with pleasure? "You should ask yourself questions like".

'Don't force your child'

Varol warned the families that it is correct to give advice to their children, but they should not make any force. “Your duty as a family is to inform your child. However, while doing this, do not force him to a department or university he does not want. "If you do this, you will be the person to blame while reading from a section that he does not like in the future," he said.

Varol's recommendations for candidates to choose are as follows:

  • Search the university's academic staff, international agreements, campus and technical facilities.
  • Make good use of your 24 choices.
  • In the first rows, write down the places higher than your ranking, the places where your ranking is sufficient, and the programs that are below your ranking at the bottom.
  • Don't even write a part you don't want. Because if you do not register for the department you earned, your average will drop by 15-30 points next year.
  • Be sure to review the special conditions of the departments you choose. Even if you win programs with special conditions, you cannot register and you will lose one year.
  • If you are going to choose foundation universities, check their fees carefully.

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