Efforts to Contribute to Uludağ's Four Seasons Tourism Speed Kazanoutside

Efforts are speeding up for Uludag to contribute to seasonal tourism. kazandi
Efforts are speeding up for Uludag to contribute to seasonal tourism. kazandi

Despite being one of the most important winter tourism centers in Turkey, Uludag's efforts to contribute to tourism for 4 seasons and 12 months, which could not get what it deserves from tourism due to reasons such as the inability to renew the facilities and the inability to make new investments, have accelerated. kazanwas.

The proposal to end the power confusion and accelerate the investments in Uludağ, one of the most important world-renowned values ​​of Bursa, came from the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy and the Minister Ersoy gave instructions to establish a Site Management Directorate for Uludağ as in Cappadocia. Thereupon, work was initiated by both the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, as the area remained on the national park border. While the preparations for the Uludağ Site Management Department are being completed, the draft law is expected to be brought to the Parliament in the new legislative period in October and enacted. Meanwhile, the support of the Field Directorate came from the tourist facility operators in Uludağ. Tourism professionals, stating that many problems in Uludağ will be solved on site without going to Ankara with the Site Management Directorate, visited Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş and explained the contributions of the Site Management to Uludağ and Bursa. Visit, Southern Marmara Tourist Hoteliers Association (GÜMTOB) are President Printer, Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) South Marmara Region President Murat Saracoglu, hotels in Uludağ and Haluk Beceren business owners, John Beceren, Mehmetcan printer, Cetin Ceylan, cable car Inc. Chairman of the Board of Directors İlker Cumbul, Deputy Regional Director of National Parks Nurbay Zeki Engin and Director of National Parks Yüksel Akdoğan also attended. At the meeting, the contributions of the Presidency of Site Management in terms of both investors' eyes and the protection of the national park were discussed.

4 seasons tourism

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, not just in Uludag Bursa, Turkey's even stressed that an important value in the world. Stating that Uludağ is a place that features four seasons in summer and winter with its ski resort, cable car, natural areas and endemic species, President Aktaş said, “Problems arising from natural procedures and authority conflicts have been experienced until today. There were some troubles and we have an intense effort to overcome them. We have consulted with the operators and the parties of the subject in Uludağ today, the works related to the Field Management Directorate, which will be established in line with the recommendations of our ministry. Bursa is a very special city. Our place in the UNESCO World Heritage List, our historical places, our natural places. But Uludağ is one of its known features. Taking it all together with Turkey's make this value will bring together all the more precious. As Metropolitan Municipality, we will never refrain from fulfilling our responsibility in this regard. ”

Quick solution to problems

Speaking on behalf of the tourism professionals attending the meeting, GÜMTOB President Ersin Yazıcı said that the Field Directorate is of great importance for Uludağ. Noting that the Presidency of the Field is important in order to protect Uludağ, develop products and bring it to better places in tourism, Yazıcı said, “We, as tourism professionals, hoteliers and agents, support the work of this field Presidency. With the support of our Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş under the leadership of our Governor, we think that the field Directorate will make a great contribution to Uludağ. First of all, we think that tourism will be open for 12 months. With the activities to be carried out there, along with the measures for the protection of Uludağ, the hotels will be operated not only for 3 months but for 12 months. Uludağ will attract more different, more beautiful and new investors. It is very important to solve the problems from Bursa first. Today, our investors have to go to and from Ankara all the time. However, together with people who know and know Uludağ well with the Field Directorate, we will be able to find solutions to problems much more quickly. ”

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