Applications for TUSAŞ Intern Engineer Program Started

Applications for TUSAŞ Intern Engineer Program Started
Applications for TUSAŞ Intern Engineer Program Started

Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) continues to contribute to the qualified workforce of the country with its vision of being the leading company of the aviation and space ecosystem. TAI started to collect applications within the scope of the SKY trainee engineer program, which attracts young people every year. The program, in which 3rd and 4th grade students studying in related engineering branches from universities that have a protocol with TUSAŞ will be included, will start in November 2020. The program, in which the students accepted to the program will be guided according to their fields of expertise, will continue until May 2021.

National aeronautics and space projects, which are followed closely by the world, to our country. kazanTUSAŞ, which continues its activities uninterruptedly in order to contribute to the employment of qualified engineer young people, carries out important internship programs every year. SKY (Your Career Path), the trainee engineer program of TAI, besides the social opportunities it offers to young people, also enables young people to take an active role in the most important projects in the history of aviation in Turkey.

This year, the intern engineer program will be accepted to students from the departments of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical - Electronics / Communication Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, TUSAŞ's Ankara, It will be held in Istanbul and Bursa campuses.

With the SKY Trainee Engineer Program, which will provide the opportunity to witness national projects closely, students will have the opportunity to transform the knowledge they have learned theoretically in universities into practice thanks to the qualified engineers and technicians of TUSAŞ, as well as their engineering practice and awareness. 

According to the Top 100 Talent Program for research SCI Turkey's most admired 3rd internship program references 27 Start in augusthe was. For applications to the internship program deadline It was announced as September 27. For detailed information and reference  ve sites can be visited.

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