Turkey's Divided Road Network Reaches 27 Thousand 470 Kilometer

Turkey, split path length of the roads, the most powerful element of the transportation network infrastructure investments while continuing unabated in 2020 reached 27 thousand 470 kilometers.

Before 2003, the presence of 6 kilometers of divided roads reached a total of 101 kilometers, with 2020 kilometers of roads built by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in 120. Thus, the length of the divided road increased by 27%.

While the increase in the divided road network in question was 2003 thousand 2020 kilometers in 21-369, it reached 2020 thousand 120 kilometers in total, together with the 27 kilometers of divided roads built in 470, thus connecting 77 provinces with divided roads.

Time in traffic has been reduced by 50 percent

Divided roads also shortened travel times. Thanks to the shortening of travel time, an annual contribution of approximately 11 billion 494 million TL in the workforce and approximately 6 billion 844 million TL in fuel has been made, approximately 18 billion 338 million TL.

On the other hand, although divided roads constitute 40 percent of the total road network, they served 82 percent of the traffic moving in the entire road network. With these roads, the average speed of 40 kilometers increased to 88 kilometers, and the time spent on the roads by citizens receiving service from divided roads decreased by more than 50 percent. In this way, a total of 306 million hours of time per year. kazanim has been achieved.

It has been a door of employment for thousands

Situated road works in every region of Turkey also provided a direct contribution to regional development. Highways construction sites in every region of the country have become an employment door for thousands of people.

While the divided road works continued at full speed, 608 employees were employed in 53 workplaces for road works.

A total of 27 thousand 540 personnel were directly employed, including 21 thousand 412 Highways Personnel and 102 thousand 722 Consultancy and Service Procurement employees who took part in road works.

What is a divided road?

Divided road is a highway that is formed by separating the vehicle road belonging to traffic in one direction from the vehicle road in the other direction in a certain way by barriers or lines.

Although the speed limit set for vehicles is usually 110 km / h on divided roads, long-distance fixed speeds are not possible due to interconnection points in residential areas. The speed limits to be applied are shown with traffic signs, except for pre-defined speeds.

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