Başkent Market's Second Branch To Open In Mamak Şafaktepe

Başkent Market's Second Branch To Open In Mamak Şafaktepe

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who has implemented rural development projects one after another, fulfills his promises to the people of the capital one by one. The new address of 'Başkent Market', which is one of the projects in which President Yavaş aims to support women's cooperatives and domestic producers, has also been announced. Başkent Market, the first of which was put into service within the Halk Bread Factory in Etimesgut, will be opened in Mamak Şafaktepe.

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, continues to contribute to the economy of domestic producers as well as citizens with projects that prioritize rural development in the Capital.

Mayor Yavaş, who brought the first of the 'Başkent Market', which is an important part of the rural development projects he called "my biggest dream", with the people of Başkent in Etimesgut district on April 30, ordered the opening of the second Başkent Market in Mamak Şafaktepe.


Metropolitan Municipality, which brings together the natural products produced by local producers and women's cooperatives with the consumers, will increase the number of Başkent Markets within the Public Bread Factory.

While the preparations for the second Başkent Market, which will be opened at Şafaktepe Mahallesi Mamak Caddesi No: 59 / B, continue at full speed, new branches will be opened in Kızılay, Kazım Karabekir Caddesi (next to the ASKI Building) and Batıkent Atlantis in a short time.


A small surprise awaits citizens at Mamak Şafaktepe Başkent Market, which is planned to open in September.

Folk Bread Factory, which buys the products of Women's Cooperatives and Local Unions in the Capital, from tarhana to noodles, from jam to tomato paste, and offers them for sale through Başkent Market, will serve citizens with a cafe it will open in Şafaktepe Başkent Market.

In Başkent Market, unfair competition with grocery stores and small tradesmen is prevented by selling local products directly purchased from local producers and cooperatives in addition to the products produced by the Public Bread Factory.

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