Kefe Plateau Became The Address Of Those Who Were In The Hot Summer

the plateau plateau becomes the address of those who get overwhelmed in the hot summer months
Photo: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality

Kefe Plateau, which was renewed and modernized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, is the address of those who get overwhelmed in the hot summer months. Enchanted with its magnificent nature and clean air, Kefe Plateau serves citizens from all over the country with its tents, caravan areas and daily facilities.

Kefe Plateau, which is located within the boundaries of Serinhisar district that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality renewed and put into service about 2 years ago, is the address of those who get overwhelmed especially in the hot summer months. Kefe Plateau, which has become a frequent destination for citizens who want to get rid of the stress of city life with its magnificent nature and fresh air, is home to those who want to stay in tents and caravan camping areas as well as daily facilities. Kefe Plateau at an altitude of 50 meters, approximately 1350 km from the center of Denizli, serves within an area of ​​171 thousand square meters. The highland, which has a kebab and pita lounge, market, tea garden, sports area, playgrounds, 24-hour hot water, shower, nomad tent, 300 tents capacity camping area and caravan camping area, especially for those who want to camp in the summer or want to spend a day time is the center of attention. Welcoming its guests seeking healing with its immaculate air, Kefe Plateau is becoming the sought-after spot of highland tourism every day.

Going once again goes

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan stated that the tourism range of Denizli is very wide and one of them is plateaus. Noting that Denizli has plateaus with magnificent natural beauties, President Zolan stated that the bar of plateau tourism in the city rises every year. Stating that there are all kinds of opportunities in the Kefe Plateau, which is visited once every year, Mayor Zolan said, “There is a long and short stay in our Kefe Plateau. We welcome our citizens who want to camp, rest, spend time together with their loved ones comfortably and safely under the best conditions. I invite all our citizens who want to get fresh air and cool off at an altitude of 1350 meters, to our highlands. ”

“Whoever doesn't come will regret very much”

Citizens accommodating in Kefe Plateau thanked Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan for their opportunities and shared their opinions.

Mehmet Mert: In previous years, this place was old. Now if you drop gold on the ground, you will find it. Our roads are beautiful, our market is beautiful, our bakery is beautiful, everything is very beautiful. It would be very regretful to hear about the Kefe Plateau. It is very nice to set up a tent. Prices are also very cheap. I've traveled with my 3 caravans one in Turkey. As the tent camp, the cheapest place is the Kefe Plateau. My incoming friends, my husband, my friend are satisfied and say they will come again.

İhsan Bilgi: We were going to Kefe Plateau before. It is very different now with the Kefe Plateau 3 years ago. There were no lights before, there were no roads, toilet bathrooms were distressed. May Allah be pleased with our president, he provided such good services to everyone, so that everyone can come and see.

Serpil Peker: I came from Didim. My wife found this place on the internet last year. We came for 2-3 days, we stayed for 45 days. We liked the air and the nature. This place is perfect with everything, we are satisfied with the services. This is a must-see place. I recommend everyone to come and see.

Hatice Kaya: Previously, this place was not very organized. Thank God we have everything now. Everything is very beautiful, our lighting is very beautiful, it is like day and night. We would like to thank our President, Osman Zolan, for making these places here.

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