The Moment of Fire in Menderes Viewed by UAVs

the moment the fire broke out in the meander, the auctions were seen
the moment the fire broke out in the meander, the auctions were seen

In the Menderes district of İzmir, while the cooling works are continuing in the region regarding the forest fire, which was hardly controlled by the teams, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), which constantly monitors the region, displayed the moments when the fire started. UAVs, and then, by providing coordinates to land troops, provide early intervention, while traces of the burners in the region were detected.

There has been a new development regarding the forest fire in the Çile District of Menderes district. The traces of those who burned barbecues for a fire-related picnic that the General Directorate of Forestry struggled to extinguish from the air and land for hours were detected.

THEY tried to turn out the firefight with the hose

The teams investigating why the fire broke out determined that a barbecue fire was set in Çile Mahallesi, and water was transported by a hose to extinguish. While it was thought that the fire could come out for this reason, photo frames emerged from the region.


On the other hand, it was revealed in images that the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) discovered in Menderes and gave location and coordinates to the ground troops with the onset of the fire.

The footage recorded by the UAVs includes the starting moments of the fire in Menderes. The heat-sensitive UAVs that are surveillance in the area at that time send coordinates and locations to ground troops after detecting the fire.


According to the region, it was learned that the software studies related to the UAVs produced were started. It is stated that with the completion of the software studies, UAVs can instantly take photographs from the forests, thereby providing information about why forest fires occur.

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