The First Criminal Laboratory of the Ministry of Commerce is Ready for Service

Photo: Ministry of Trade

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan stated that the first fully-fledged and modern “Criminal Laboratory” of the ministry has started to operate in Ankara to be put into service of Customs Enforcement teams and other law enforcement units.

In his written statement, Pekcan reminded that many different types of smuggled goods, especially drugs, are seized at customs gates, ports and airports every day by the Customs Enforcement units of the Ministry of Commerce.

Stating that they provide all the necessary opportunities to fight against these illegal initiatives more effectively, Pekcan said, “While continuing our technological investments aimed at preventing crime, on the other hand, we are developing our institutional capacity at the point of detection and analysis of the items and evidence subject to crime. In this context, our first fully-fledged and modern Criminal Laboratory started its operations to serve the Customs Enforcement Teams and other law enforcement units of our Ministry. " used the expressions.

Drawing attention to the importance of the laboratory, Pekcan said: “Thanks to our laboratory that has been put into service, the detection and analysis of the items we seized will be performed faster, while the efficiency of our investigation processes will be increased by ensuring the analysis of criminal objects and other evidence. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology devices and equipment that can compete with the examples of the world, our laboratory will play an important role in the investigation and analysis of crime and criminal evidence. Detection and analysis of drugs and suspect drugs caught in the first place in the laboratory will be carried out quickly. "

Pekcan informed that departments such as fingerprints and other traces, ballistics, explosives, molecular genetic investigations will be put into service later.

Will play an important role in the fight against crime

The Customs Enforcement Criminal Laboratory Directorate of the Ministry of Commerce operates in a 156 square meter closed area at Ankara Logistics Base. The said laboratory consists of Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances Examination, Fingerprint and Other Traces Examination, Handwriting, Signature and Document Examination, Informatics, Sound, Image and Data Examinations, Molecular Genetic Examinations, Ballistic Examinations, Explosives Examination.

The Criminal Laboratory Directorate, with its expert personnel and state-of-the-art devices and equipment, will fulfill an important function in the fight against crime, in determining the types and amounts of narcotic and psychotropic substances, and issuing an expert analysis report requested by the judicial authorities regarding the evidence subject to examination. Criminal laboratories specialized in customs in the world are becoming more and more important in terms of functionality. kazanhe's eating. In the Criminal Laboratory of the Ministry of Commerce, the methods and equipment used by leading institutions such as the German Customs Criminal Administration, the US Customs and Border Protection laboratories are used in drug analysis.

The Criminal Laboratory Directorate of Customs Enforcement, which is tasked with examining the evidence obtained from the crime scenes and preparing an expert report, will be at the service of all law enforcement units, public prosecutors and courts by ensuring the investigation and resolution of crime and criminal evidence.

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