Ordu Metropolitan Started to Produce Its Own Asphalt

the army started to produce its own asphalt
the army started to produce its own asphalt

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality started to produce its own asphalt. The Metropolitan Municipality, which started asphalt production in the facility, which has the capacity to produce 240 tons of asphalt per hour, saved 3 million 1 thousand liras in 80 months.

Turkey's most rural network with the Army Metropolitan Municipality, was a critical milestone by producing its own asphalt. 180 tons of asphalt per hour is produced at the facility, which was established in May with the technology of the world's top three asphalt plant manufacturer brands by ORBEL, an affiliate of the Metropolitan Municipality. 300 thousand tons of asphalt was produced in 3 months at the facility, which has an asphalt production capacity of 54 tons per hour.


With the commissioning of the facility, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality had the opportunity to save more than 3 million lira in 1 months. According to this; If 54 thousand tons of asphalt was purchased from private companies, 5 million 130 liras would be paid. However, with the establishment of the facility, despite the costs such as aggregate (stone), personnel, electricity, natural gas and pitch, the total cost of 54 thousand tons of asphalt was 4 million 50 thousand TL.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which saves 3 million 1 thousand liras in 80 months, will increase the amount of savings every month as the facility starts to operate at full capacity.


Stating that the Asphalt Plant Plant, equipped with the latest technology that can meet the needs of Ordu, was brought to the city as a result of the studies, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Guler, Turkey drew attention to a province having the longest rural road network.

Güler said: “Since the day I took office, we have taken action to solve the road problem in Ordu quickly and effectively. As a result of our works, we brought our asphalt plant facility equipped with the latest technology to our city. We will build comfortable roads with quality products in 19 districts with this facility, which will provide both economic and time savings. It is our duty to bring the best service to our citizens. We have to provide services from the smallest settlement to the largest. For this reason, we scalpel important problems that increase the quality of life, peace and safety of our citizens. This is one of the works we do in this facility. I wish our Asphalt Plant Plant to be beneficial to our city ”.

Günceleme: 10/08/2020 14:01

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