Social Service Centers Supported Over 6 Million Citizens in Two Years

Social Service Centers Supported Over 6 Million Citizens in Two Years
Social Service Centers Supported Over 6 Million Citizens in Two Years

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Emerald Selcuk, Turkey was reported in the number of general 347'y reached last two years, they provide 6 million 118 thousand 293 citizens support through Social Services Centers.

The number of Social Service Centers serving throughout the country has reached 49 with 347 additions in the last two years in order to facilitate the access of citizens to social service models in the subjects they need and to ensure that they get one-to-one support to solve the problems they encounter.

Selcuk Minister stressed that much easier access to the services they demand of the citizens by increasing the number of Social Service Centers throughout Turkey.

Selçuk pointed out that protective-preventive services are provided to all family members of children, the elderly, the disabled, women and men in Social Service Centers opened in districts with a certain size and in residential areas where service needs are high, Selçuk said:

“Foster family, adoption, maternity aid, disabled-elderly care and rehabilitation institution applications, disabled home care applications, and employment applications of martyrs' relatives and veterans can be made through these centers. In addition, our citizens can also benefit from training, counseling services for preventing violence and family counseling services for domestic conflicts in our centers. "

"We Will Continue Our Efforts To Extend Social Service Centers"

Minister Selçuk, within the scope of the Pre-Marriage Education Program and Family Education Program in order to ensure the welfare, happiness and integrity of the family, to strengthen the bonds that hold the family together, to develop healthy personalities of family members, to strengthen the potential of being an individual and to increase the knowledge and skills of raising healthy children. He stated that awareness trainings were also organized.

Stating that people in need were identified through Social Service Centers, social service intervention, follow-up and guidance were carried out, Selçuk said:

"Turkey in number throughout 347'y reaching Social Services Centers Our citizens provide any solution to the problems in different areas under one roof. We have provided support to 6 million 118 thousand 293 citizens in the last two years through our Social Service Centers. We will continue our efforts to expand the number of these centers across the country, taking into account the needs. "

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