Online Internship Period Has Started in Companies

In Turkey, companies which work with the pandemic era that began in March of digital media, also began to take the internship process OnLine.

The effects of COVID-19 seen all over the world continue to be deeply felt despite the normalization process. The pandemic continues to transform business life as it transforms individual habits. Companies preparing to recruit interns in the summer of 2020 are rapidly adapting to the new reality by moving their internship programs online with the effect of the pandemic. Institutions that are closer to digital in terms of both technological infrastructure and corporate perspective have started to implement online internship programs one by one.

Worldwide, Google, SAP, Abercrombie and Fitch Co. as well as many corporate companies in Turkey, while the application online training programs has also announced special internship program for this period.

79% of students are willing to do online internships

Candidates are also very welcomed to online internship programs, which are preferred for reasons such as being more cost-effective for companies, saving time, not being affected by physical constraints and increasing efficiency. According to the Youthall Changing Young Talent Expectations survey data, which was conducted with the participation of more than 19.000 students, 79% of the students stated that they would prefer to participate in the online internship program instead of a canceled internship.

Stating that online internship programs will be heard more frequently in the coming years, Employer Brand Projects Leader Elis Yılmaz Aykan stated that online internship programs positively affect the image of the company and contribute to the increase in talent and productivity of companies. During the Youthall pandemic period, he mediated more than 20 companies to meet with more than 1.500 trainees selected from tens of thousands of applications collected in online programs. By the end of 2020, it is predicted that the trend of creating online internship programs in different sectors from global companies to holdings will gain 2 times faster.

Remote working becomes a corporate culture

According to the KPMG Covid-19 Agenda Report, it was stated that working remotely became the corporate culture as the most critical element in the success of the remote working method and achieving the goals of the organization. It is stated that it is not difficult to predict that online internship programs will become a permanent practice by moving away from being a temporary solution that emerged during the pandemic period, as remote working has become a corporate culture.



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